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Wellness by Design Award 2019

We strive to set a good example.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks, no matter what job you do. There are times when what we do for a living, and what we support wholeheartedly at the office, can simply get lost in the shuffle. But for us at Benovate, and our larger corporate office of Benovate Holdings, Inc., we strive to find ways to bring our philosophy of wellbeing into each employee’s lives. Especially in the workplace, where we know it can be difficult to find balance, we’re always looking to our clients and partners for inspiration.

In the past, we’ve grown our worksite wellbeing program to rotate through different activities such as Benovate Rewards, in-office stretch breaks, voluntary weekly Lunch & Learns, and monthly volunteer opportunities. As we’ve grown, and brought more employees onto the team, our wellbeing program admins have watched the data behind our group with curiosity and a keen eye for trends and concerns. After all their hard work, we’re so proud to recognize and congratulate our great team on their recent award: Wellness by Design from Hennepin County!

Hennepin County has recognized 76 different organizations for their worksite wellness programs this fall, and we are honored to be among them! As a leading wellbeing and engagement solution provider ourselves, we live and breathe workplace wellness and we’re thrilled to be recognized for the work that our internal team has accomplished.

During the submission process, our team had the opportunity to sit down together and answer the main question posed by the selection committee – What do you want others to know about your worksite wellness program’s unique strengths, areas of innovation, and successes?

Here is what we shared:

Benovate utilizes our own internally developed health platform to make programming unique to each employee. We have a diverse population that has health needs across the board, so being able to target resources and activities to individuals based on those needs makes the program valuable for each person in their own way.

We supplement our health technology solution with in-person events that support team building and a healthy culture, such as Meals on Wheels, community garden work, biometric screenings, and occasional healthy pot-lucks. All of this is tied together within our health platform, giving employees one spot to learn about their benefits, events, RSVP, and find resources based on their specific screening results.

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