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Benovate is one of the leading disruptors in the food-as-medicine movement. article referenced originally published 13 January 2020

Benovate is honored to be listed in Observer’s Hottest Companies in ‘Flyover Tech’ for 2020! No longer a negative term, tech companies in the “flyover” middle of the country are finally getting recognition for innovation. Benovate’s patented approach ensures each individual’s engagement experience with our app is entirely personalized making data capture and analyses completely relevant and actionable. Benovate for some time has offered customized solutions for employers, TPAs, membership organizations, which seek to engage, understand and take action toward their constituents’ whole-life wellbeing.


“Whether Hippocrates actually said it or not, it’s increasingly clear that our less than ideal 21st-century diets are the root cause behind a host of modern health issues, and Benovate is one of the leading disruptors in the “food as medicine” movement, mixing up an elixir of tech, AI, nutrition and health care industry knowledge to market their trademarked Gx product (a riff off the pharmaceutical ‘Rx’ with ‘G’ for grocery).”


We bring a market-centric focus to our solution development. As referenced in our recognition on, our latest market-specific innovation is functionalizing Food-as-Medicine. Our Gx solution aims to bring food, health, and wellbeing together for the consumer’s benefit. Transforming a sometimes mindless trip to the grocery store into a purposeful and targeted collection of what an individual needs for greater personal well being characterizes the Gx shopper of the future. Through Benovate’s patented algorithm, and by joining forces with some of the country’s largest food and healthcare organizations, we can dive into the deep end of data and help shoppers understand the foods that may benefit their total wellbeing – more than they may realize today.




Gx is the next disruption in food as medicine, and Benovate is proud to be headlining this cause. For generations, we’ve seen the medical community try to encourage healthy eating, better diets, and more well-rounded lifestyles only for their advice to fall on unengaged ears. At Benovate, we’re creating a new solution with our Gx platform. We all know we should be thinking about which foods benefit us most, Gx will finally make this not only accessible but easy and fun for consumers. In order to support this critical shift in the paradigm we each need to have our own grocery-prescription in our pockets at the grocery store, healthy recipes to follow when we get home, and incentives from our insurance companies or medical providers to keep us motivated. Benovate is the only technology prepared to support this, and we’re thrilled to be leading the charge.


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