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      Employers - Risk Bearing Entities - Coaching Services - Health Systems - Population Health

    • New tools for a new normal starting now

      Psychographic segmentation, readiness-to-change, richer social determinants metrics and more

      For Members

      Fresh Content Delivered Daily

      We're working hard to keep our content library fresh with pandemic information related to prevention, well-being recommendations and general WFH advice

      For Healthcare

      Ready To Tackle Burnout

      Our HIPAA compliant app and 4th Aim centralized reporting capabilities are ready to go to measure and manage clinician burnout and well-being

      For Employers

      Corporate Social Responsibility (New)

      WFH be damned... our digital CSR solutions help support and align your organization's triple-bottom-line agendas and drive employee affinity  

    • Do you want help that feels like magic?

      Unlike first generation well-being platforms that take a one-size-fits-none approach, our patented technology “gets to know you” like a trusted friend through clever algorithmic learning, personalization and delivery of content, just for you.


      For the whole-person you are

      Like your favorite social media apps, our app gets to know you and your ever-changing life journey across physical, emotional, financial and workplace dimensions.


      Thousands of algorithms working for you

      As our app is constantly paying attention to the user’s interactions, it is delivering personalized content on a daily basis in a balanced way.


      Designed to be used where you are

      Anytime, anywhere – on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Small slices and regular slices of time can make big-time changes in your well-being.


      Making other data work harder

      Whether it's wearable devices, claims or biometrics data, we leverage all external data sources to make our app even smarter and faster.


      We're experts in being relevant

      Our average app user uses it 16X per month for at least 10 minutes each time. And when an organization puts us to work, we have an average of 65% engagement.


      Activation that can be measured

      Depending upon the health condition and well-being factors, our activation measures range from 75-92% (in specific areas) and that's a big deal when it comes to behavior change.

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    • Are you brave enough to really want to know?

      Beyond all the tools you've seen from others, we drive insights and change beyond what you've seen before. And that's what you should want -- so you can show you do give a &^%$# about what comes next after the pandemic.

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