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What Is Benovate?

Benovate facilitates a different model of healthcare. We promote prevention, balance, lifestyle enhancements and good health. We reward employees and employers that adhere to the wellness programs and care plans that we devise, with lower cost healthcare solutions.

Our data driven population health management and custom health engagement solutions assist employers that are looking to decrease their medical costs by proactively managing the health of their employees.

Our Goal For the Employer

We help employers create improved workforce productivity in the short-term while implementing solutions to decrease healthcare costs long-term. We help employers reach these goals by enabling employees to focus on their work while at work, by helping them eliminate stress in their lives and providing incentives to change their health behaviors.

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Our Goal For the Individual

As an individual we provide you with an opportunity to change the way you approach your personal health and utilize healthcare. By providing you with insight into what your data is and what it means we are able to help you determine the risk factors that apply to you and your family.

Our goal is to empower you as an individual to take control of your health. We provide you with your data and educate you on what it means in order to give you a mechanism to make decisions about your lifestyle, your health and the stress that you are dealing with in everyday life.

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Our Process

Our Process is built upon five very important steps to improving health and decreasing costs: