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  • Why give a *%&$# about wellbeing?

    If your employees are expected to think, collaborate, problem-solve and be innovative, then the understanding of burn-out, resilience, loyalty and failure-indifference, should be important to you -- the brave executive. We say "brave" because a lot of organizations pay lip service to this idea but fail to act. 


    And in today's competitive economy where workforce readiness and customer stickiness is a key to success, the organizations with the best employees... wins.

  • Do you have robots or humans?

    We didn’t create the idea of well-being, but we have relentlessly improved it since 2015. Today our app and analytics tools are used by employers and member organizations like yours, spanning physical, financial, social and workplace wellbeing. The whole-human challenge.


    Whether your organization is just starting out or is seeking a more effective solution to address mission critical challenges, we’ve got the experience and ready-to-go solution suite to help.

  • Do you want help that feels like magic?

    Unlike first-generation wellbeing platforms that take a one-size-fits-none approach, our patented technology “gets to know you” like a trusted friend through clever algorithmic learning, personalization and delivery of content, just for you.


    For the whole-person you are

    Like your favorite social media apps, our app gets to know you and your ever-changing life journey across physical, emotional, financial and workplace dimensions.


    Thousands of algorithms working for you

    As our app is constantly paying attention the user’s interactions, it is delivering personalized content on a daily basis in a balanced way.


    Designed to be used where you are

    Anytime, anywhere – on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Small slices and regular slices of time can make big-time changes in your wellbeing.


    Making other data work harder

    Whether it's wearable devices, claims or biometrics data, we leverage all external data sources to make our app even smarter, faster.


    We're experts in being relevant

    Our average app user uses it 16X per month for at least 10 minutes each time. And when an organization puts us to work, we have an average of 65% engagement.


    Activation that can be measured

    Depending upon the health-condition and wellbeing factors, our activation measures range from 75-92% (in specific areas) and that's a big deal when it comes to behavior change.

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  • Are you brave enough to really want to know?

    Beyond all the tools you've seen from others, we drive insights and change beyond what you've seen before. And that's what you should want -- so you can show you do give a &^%$# about wellbeing.

  • Want to be smarter than the rest of the herd?

    Thoughts, musings, and actual news.

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