Revolutionizing Member Engagement

A guided tour of Benovate®  - Each video below highlights a different aspect of our platform. These clips are designed to give an overview, but for more detail please request a short demonstration with one of our experts.

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Wellness Isn't Working

So you say you want a revolution.  Here is what the marketplace is saying about the current state of wellness programs...

Revolutionizing Member Engagement

When creating the Benovate Platform, we to a deep look at these current wellness platforms and talked with users about what wasn’t working.  We set out to create a platform that would be personalized, motivating and engaging.

A Familiar Experience

We wanted to create an experience where it was intuitively familiar, an experience where the user didn’t get lost in the “what do I do now.” An experience that would be fun, inviting, and easy to use.

Smart Activities

Our Smart Activities will look at the individual's profile and, for example,  take into account that they told us they like running, and they like yoga.  Depending on a members health risks, we will surface cards with activities they like to do, that also help mitigate their health risks.

It's All About Motivation

Based on the difficulty of the activity or question, each card has two different point values.  An Incentive Point Value...and a Pillar Point Value.

A Living Health Risk Assessment

We created the Benovate Living Health Risk Assessment. 
 Instead of asking your members to complete a once a year “test”, we place our Health Risk Assessment questions right within our platform…
at a frequency that makes sense to how the member answer each individual question. 

Trackers, Biometrics and Claims

We integrate with over 200 trackers that track everything from Steps, Fitness, Routine, Sleep, Weight, Biometrics, Nutrition, and Diabetes Data, along with Biometric Screenings, Claims Data, and much more.

Talk to a Doctor

So what happens if a member just doesn’t feel well enough... or have the time to go see a doctor. 
By selecting the “Talk to a Doctor” button, they can do a video visit if on a desktop or laptop…Or a tele-visit if on a smart phone.

Privacy is Priority #1

Not only are we HIPPA compliant, and your member’s health information and privacy is something that we take incredibly seriously here at Benovate.  We encrypt all Personal Health Information and store in 2 different locations.  Without the key to unlock both locations, the information means nothing. The only one who has that key is your member via their password and security questions.

Better Health is Just a Tap Away

We designed our platform so members can go in multiple times a day and answers a couple of quick questions, or complete a couple of quick activities.

Incentives Have Never Been So Rewarding

We are incredibly excited about Benovate Rewards.  We are blown away by the success this program, not only in the amount of Rewards that have been redeemed, but also, the effect it has on members to continue to stay engaged with the platform.  We've seen an increase of 400% in activities completed after ordering a Reward.

The Future is Here! 

As you can see, this isn’t a wellness platform. 
This is a member engagement platform that creates a unique, rewarding experience that will keep your members coming back.


We've noticed that occasionally member will leave a card on their dashboard while waiting for a particular activity or question to apply to them. Why clutter up your feed with things that don't pertain to you!? Members have the ability to take 3 actions on most cards: They can take action, and redeem points or rewards. They can HIDE a card, which will push the card into the background for a number of weeks or months. Finally, the member can also SKIP a card altogether if they feel the content will never be relevant to them. 

NEW FEATURE - The *new and improved* Benovate Dashboard

Introducing the Benovate Dashboard! Your Benovate Dashboard is made of tiles that display statistics around your health, and your engagement within the platform. To see more, login to your member portal here.