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Healthcare cost control is becoming an increasingly more complicated topic within public agencies. Benefits packages, primarily access to health insurance, often play a critical role in employee recruitment, as salaries are traditionally lower in the public sector compared to private industry. Even in the government sector there is a risk of losing good employees given a limited benefits plan. According to a recent survey by Glassdoor, 71% of employees are open to career alternatives that include better benefits. 

SC&RA Health Plan, powered by Benovate is a citywide health engagement platform that enables you to do more with less.

Benovate Connect Platform

From the health consumer’s standpoint, the Benovate Connect health platform is a one-stop, HIPAA-compliant portal for video medicine, wellness program engagement, integrated health management and healthy resources within a local community.

For you and your customers, Benovate Connect enables proactive risk management by driving health engagement and providing a unified view of population health characteristics, needs and risks. The modular platform can connect with most wellness, electronic medical records (EMR), claims management and analytics platforms. We turn analytics into action. Benovate Connect is especially powerful when combined with community based incentive programs.

SC&RA Private Exchange

Your benefits, simplified, with ConnectedHealth's private exchange built specifically for the SC&RA. ConnectedHealth’s Smart Choices Marketplace offers employers a complete solution to provide competitive, cost-effective benefits to their employees. By offering access to the individual benefits marketplace, employers can retain and attract the team they need to make their busines s successful, while helping their employees make smart choices about their health benefits. Employers can even offer their employees a defined contribution to use in purchasing their coverage.

SC&RA Captive Program

Achieve the benefits of self-funding your health plan with greater predictability and the opportunity to achieve a return on a portion of your captive premium through effective high-risk management resources and good claim performance.