Benovate Overview

A six-page brochure outlining who Benovate is, our solutions and the change we are hoping to make for our clients. This piece is a great introduction for prospective clients looking to understand who Benovate is and what it is that we do.

Benovate Connect Overview

An overview of the Benovate Connect platform for prospective clients looking to understand what the platform is, how it works and who it is built for. 

Benovate Connect Features

A one-pager outlining the features offered through the Benovate Connect platform.

Assessment & Review Overview

A one-pager outlining the Benovate-coordinated assessment and review process, including; Biometric Screening, Online Health Assessment and Medical Review.

Biometric Screening Timeline

A one-pager outlining the timeline of the Benovate-coordinated Biometric Screening. 

Fitness Trackers