Program Launch


Communication Timeline

To build excitement about your new program, it's critical that the program is promoted to it's fullest extent during the month prior and post launch. Check out the suggested calendar outlining the emails Benovate will send and communications you and your Health Champions are encouraged to distribute - templates can be found below!

Pre-Launch Communications

Materials for you to utilize before your program launch date. Benovate will send the Teaser emails (samples above), but you are encouraged to send a version of the letter of support before our 1st teaser email goes out (template below).  Be sure to hang the 'Pre-Launch' posters in high traffic areas - All you have to do is click on the image below, download, print and hang!


Click. Download. Print. Hang!

(Pre-Launch: Program Introduction Posters)


Post-Launch Communications

Once your program launches, we will send out two more emails reminding employees to verify their accounts (samples above).  This is an important time to keep spreading the word by sending out your own emails, having demo sessions, hanging the 'Post-Launch' posters, passing out reminder cards or posting a launch announcement on intranet sites.


Click. Download. Print. Hang!

(Post-Launch: Verification Reminder Posters & Reminder Cards)


To request a verification email resend, please have the individual contact [email protected] with their name, email, date of birth and employer.