"Failed Log In Error"

  1. Please ask if they came into our Platform via the Email Invitation, or via information in their member packet that directed them to member.alliednational.com.

    1. Email Invitation - Make a note and go to question 2

    2. Member Packet - Make a note and go to question 2.

  2. Please refresh your page and let’s try again.

    1. Yes - Great

    2. No - Go to question 3

  3. Let’s try with your secondary email.

    1. Yes - Great

    2. No - Go to Question 4

  4. Let’s try clicking on the “Forgot Password” link and enter in your email.

    1. Pulls up security question - Email was good, they most likely had the wrong password and can follow the steps to reset.

    2. Gives an “Invalid Email” error - That means they are most likely not registered

      1. If an Allied customer, have them go to member.alliednational.com and click on the “Register” button and go through the process again.