What is a Health Champion?

A Health Champion is a key supporter of your organization’s commitment to helping employees and their families live healthy, balanced lives. Champions serve as a liaison between the employees and Benovate/Grand Forks Public Schools.

Health Champion Responsibilities

  • Educate fellow employees benefits of the Benovate program and encourage participation
  • Provide suggestions and feedback around healthy initiatives
  • Post and hand out communications to employees
  • Attend on-site Benovate events and approximately 1 Health Champion meeting/month

Lead Champion

One or two of the champions will serve as Lead Champions. In addition to responsibilities above, Lead Champions may be asked to:

  • Distribute materials (flyers, incentives, etc.) to other Health Champions or schools without Health Champions
  • Assist Benovate with Health Champion meetings
  • Assist Benovate in communicating with the rest of the Health Champion committee