Frequently Asked Questions


What is Benovate?

The Benovate Platform is a smart health engagement platform that learns your likes, dislikes, interests and health risks and with smart activities, proactively helps you in improving your overall health, providing balance, and learning about potential health risks.

How often should I be using Benovate?

The Platform is built to be used multiple times a day. The more you use the platform, the smarter the activities get and the better we can help you get healthier and live a more balanced life.



Why would I use Benovate?

Access health resources and activities that are based on your individual interests and needs! The more activities you do the more personalized it gets. Using the Platform helps you be proactive with your health to avoid or minimize health issues down the road.   Some employers even offer incentives for participating!



Where does my data go?

Your data is encrypted and secured on our cloud servers and is all locked away behind your password and security questions. Your data is yours!

Who has access to my data?

Privacy is our top concern at Benovate. All individual answers and activities done within the Benovate Cards are protected and are never shared with anyone. Only compiled group data can be accessed and shared with your employer.

Will my boss see my answers?

Our platform is designed to protect your privacy. Without your password and security questions (which only YOU know), your information appears as a series of numbers and letters that cannot be read by humans.

Will the information gathered impact the cost of my insurance?

No. We don’t share your personal information with insurance carriers.



What are points?

Points are earned by completing activities and surveys on the Benovate platform.  Activities that take more time or might have more impact typically are worth more points.

What are Lifetime Points?

The total number of points earned throughout the “lifetime” of the user’s activity in the platform. These points will never decrease.


Rewards / Dollars

What is Lifetime Earned & Left to Earn?

If your employer is offering an incentive for participating, your points convert into dollars once you complete a healthy activity or answer a survey question. Your “Lifetime Earned” dollars show how much you have earned so far while your “Left to Earn” dollars show how much you have left to earn based on your employer specific incentive.   Not all groups are utilizing the incentive feature, please see your Overview Guide for your program details.

Why am I earning points but no dollars?

All of our activities are categorized into different “activity groups” based on the main topic or risk it impacts most. Limits are in place to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do activities in multiple groups.  If your program sponsor is providing incentive dollars, you may have reached a limit within a certain activity group, which will allow you to continue doing the activities for points but you will no longer earn dollars in that activity group.  


Benovate Score

What is the Benovate score?

Benovate is all about balance! We believe that true health goes beyond the physical and includes things like relationship health, financial health, personal growth and stress. Your Benovate Score is based on your completion of activities and within each of those domains of health.

What are the meters at the top of the screen?

These meters help you gauge how balanced the healthy activities you’ve been doing are.  Your goal is to get the arrow in the green for all 4 meters.  Once the arrow hits the red, you may notice cards from that group starting to grey out in order to help you find activities in the other pillars.



What are the cards?

The Benovate Platform is a smart health engagement platform that learns your likes, dislikes, interests and health risks and with smart activities, proactively helps you in improving your overall health, providing balance, and learning about potential health risks.

What types of cards are there?

There are four different types of cards - activities, content surveys and Healthy Choices (Limited Availability). Each category has cards to help you work towards balance in all areas of your life - physical, personal growth, financial health and relationships.

  • Activity Cards: Activities that you can do to lower risk and improve your overall health and well-being.
  • Content Cards: Educational materials based on your interests and needs.
  • Surveys: Quick questions that allow the Platform to get to know you so Activity and Content cards are more interesting and focused on you.

Why do cards “grey out” or stop appearing when I scroll down?

The Benovate platform is all about balance in all areas of life.  To help you find this balance, activities in a certain category, or pillar, may start to blur or disappear as you do more of them in one day.  Our 4 pillars are Health, Relationships, Growth & Finances – using the meters at the top of the screen as a guide, try to get the arrow in the green on all 4 pillars each day!  If the arrow moves into the red on one particular meter, then the associated activities will start to grey out & eventually disappear.  You will still see activities in the remaining pillars until you’ve reached the red in those as well.  Don’t worry, activities in all pillars will be back tomorrow!

Can I dismiss or get rid of a card I don’t like or doesn’t apply to me?

Yes, the Hide/Skip feature is available on most cards and can be accessed by clicking the V  in the upper right hand corner of the card. 

  • Skip: The card will be dismissed for up to a year depending on the default frequency.  The length of time it will be skipped for will be indicated when clicking the V.  If the default frequency is greater than one year than you will only see the option to hide the card.
  • Hide: The card will be hidden for one year. 

*Feature currently available via the web browser – mobile functionality coming soon!

What kind of information does Benovate provide in the platform?

It is not the intention of Benovate to censor any content on its website but rather to provide a holistic view of many different health issues. Benovate does not subscribe to any one way of addressing a health issue or treatment. However, Benovate does carefully research and vet all of the content on the website and works to make sure that the information is empowering to our members and their families and gives them resources and tools they can use to take control of their health to the greatest degree possible. By the very nature of information today, it is possible that the source or author of content may subscribe to certain beliefs that Benovate does not wholly subscribe to but may provide valuable tools and information to empower and educate our members. Our mission is to provide new ideas and innovative ways to confront challenging health issues, which may run counter to conventional viewpoints.

The content provided in this website is not intended to treat or cure any disease. You should always consult a physician about any treatment related issues. The content that Benovate provides is for educational purposes only and is not designed to be prescriptive in any manner. The content provided in this website does not necessarily reflect the views of Benovate or its employees.



How can I access Benovate?

Our platform is accessible on all modern smart phone’s, tablets and computers so that you are able to stay engaged in your health no matter where you are!

Can I load the app to my phone?

Yes, as long as you have a current, internet capable device. Visit the Apple Store or Google Play and search “Benovate” to find the app. Please note that you still must have an account in order to use the app. Contact us at [email protected] if you are eligible and need to get set up.

How do I set up my account?

You will need a verification link sent to you.  This will automatically be sent to you on your group's launch date.  If you did not receive the email or can't find it, request a resend by contacting [email protected] or 877-BEN-OVATe with your name, employer, date of birth and desired email address.

More information

Can someone else just forward me their link?

No - this link is unique to each individual and increases your account security. More than one person cannot use the same verification link.

Can other members of my family use the platform too?

Contact your benefits provider to determine eligibility.

What happens to my account when I leave my employer?

Your account is provided as a benefit from your employer, so once your employment is terminated, this benefit would as well unless special arrangements have been made with your employer.


Technical Issues

How do I reset my password?

On the main login screen located at there is a link for “Forgot Password”. Click that link and follow the steps.

What if I need further assistance?

We are happy to help - please contact our Member Services team at [email protected] or 877-BEN-OVATe and we will respond as soon as possible.