Utilize Community Health Metrics

Build a database of community health metrics in Benovate® where you can bring a variety of metrics together in one place. It enables you to see what improves outcomes, reduces costs and improves overall quality of life in your community.

Promote Community-Specific Resources

Benovate® highlights each community’s programs and assets in an integrated platform. It helps individuals navigate which health, financial, personal growth and financial resources are not only available, but ideal for them.  

Simplify Administration

Benovate® integrates services like Health Savings Accounts, health incentives and more benefits. Individuals can conveniently access the resources and services they need, reducing absenteeism and improving quality of life. 

Engage Your Community

Create a community-based rewards program or offer a white-labeled brand of health to individuals and employers in your community. Benovate® is a custom solution that promotes positive health outcomes and increases access to provider networks. It reduces costs for everyone.