You’ve got the power - 5 ways to take control of your health this Spring

Spring is upon us, giving us the opportunity to shed some of those nasty winter habits along with the big winter coats. As flowers begin blooming, birds start chirping, and sun shines later, it’s a natural transition to getting a fresh start on some healthy habits we’ve been thinking about wanting to pick up.  Check out some of our favorite tips for recharging mind and body this spring, courtesy of U.S. News.

1. Waking Up Earlier

Studies have shown that people who wake up earlier in the morning are generally healthier than those who enjoy some extra zzz’s. In wake of last week’s Daylight Savings, the sun has been shining boldly in the morning, perfect for those who want to start their day bright and early. Waking up an hour or two earlier can get you an extra dose of vitamin D, which helps alleviate symptoms of depression, regulate insulin levels, and support lung and heart function!

2. Make Allergy Season More Bearable

It's never too early to prepare your body for all the sneezing, sniffling, and itching we tend to experience each Spring. Thankfully, allergies have been much easier to manage with medications, however there are lots of ways to combat allergies that won’t require a visit to your doctor. One top tip for managing allergies: change out your pillows. According to some experts, after five years of use, 10 percent of a pillow’s mass is allergy provoking bacteria, pollen, fungi, mold, and dust mites. Gross! Wash those pillowcases weekly and toss your pillow if it’s over 5 years old.

3. Spruce Up the Garden!

A popular springtime activity, gardening has many health and financial benefits. According to US News, gardening burns around 250-300 calories each hour and allows you to get some extra sunlight exposure (AKA vitamin D consumption). Along with health benefits, producing your own fruits and veggies can save you a boatload on groceries. While you’re not only saving money with growing your own food, you can also sell what you’ve grown! It’s easy to set up a roadside stand, and some local restaurants and stores may even want to buy your produce.

4. Eat Local

What’s better than eating healthy, saving money and supporting your community all at once? By purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables, you have access to some of the freshest food, you’re stimulating your local economy and supporting the future of agriculture. Not to mention, your local sources for fresh food might cut you a deal and sell you their crops in bulk for cheap. From late spring to the early fall, you can support your neighborhood farmers and take control of your well-being. Need help making a smooth transition? Here are some helpful tips on how and what to eat this spring.

5. Take a walk during your lunch hour.

Need a break from work to smell the flowers? Do just that. Walking outside during the springtime can be relaxing and has many health benefits. Burn around 100 calories just for taking a half-hour stroll in the sun, which also counts as the daily moderate physical activity that doctors recommend. That short walk can even give your mood a boost - perfect for when you get back to work.

Spring is the perfect time to get a fresh start and get on track towards achieving your goals. It’s hard to not feel inspired with all the fresh life popping up around us.

What goals are you working towards this spring?