Want to connect with your sweetie? There’s an app for that (5 actually).

Love knows no bounds, and that includes distance and restrictions in the digital age.  In this age of connectivity and the ever present smartphone, apps designed to create exclusive social networks between couples are taking off.  You might take the stance of this Wall Street Journal piece – ‘Don’t we already have arguably TOO many ways to connect?’ – but you just might find that these apps are truly the best of both worlds.

1. Avocado (iOS and Android)

Billed as ‘chat built for two,’ Avocado is a chat-based app focused on a heart icon which lets you know when a message has been read and lets you send photos, sketches, and links. You can also collaborate on lists and events between the two of you, something that my husband and I had fun with when I forced him to be my test subject for these apps (like when I created a Saturday AM honey-do list for him, and he responded with a list with March Madness games...we’re not the most romantic couple, I guess).

2. Between (iOS and Android)

Between’s homepage has a delightful little video in which a romance between a woman in Prague and a man in Seoul is detailed through the app. They send photos, share a calendar of events with things like ‘First kiss’ and ‘First date’ and share voice recordings and more. The WSJ article says that the chat feature is a bit buried in the iOS app, but since we’re an Android household, we didn’t experience that issue. However, there was no to-do list, which was kind of our favorite feature in some of the other apps.

3. Icebreak (iOS)

If I had a dime for every time I heard this old pick-up line (‘How heavy was the polar bear?’ ‘What polar bear?’ ‘The one that broke the ice!’ har har har...), I’d probably only have a few dollars, but still. The homepage for this app reminded me a lot of Netflix, and since it’s only available on iOS devices, we weren’t able to check it out in full. However, the basic premise seems to be a series of questions, or icebreakers, aimed to help couples get closer. Hopefully once it ‘breaks’ out of beta we’ll be able to try it out firsthand and get a better idea of the features. Readers, if you have it, let us know in the comments what your experience has been.

4. Couple (iOS and Android)

Couple combines a lot of the best of the other apps: nice interface (very Instagram-like) with sharing abilities for pictures, calendars, lists, sketching, and a new one which I find super adorable: a thumbkiss. You open the feature, place your thumb on the screen, and your partner responds with their thumb on their screen. I know it sounds corny, but when I was in Washington, DC recently, it was a neat thing to be thousands of miles away but feel close for that moment.  Growing up, ‘An American Tail’ was my favorite movie, so I’m sure that the main song ‘Somewhere Out There’ has irrevocably affected my sense of romance and long distance relationships.

5. Twyxt (iOS and Android)

Alert for ‘Frozen’ fans: this app has a feature in which you can ‘freeze’ your partner’s screen, so they have to tap (or break!) the ice to get your message.  Beyond that fun feature, this app wasn’t our favorite. There’s no in-app chat feature, but there is a spank emoticon. With a sound effect.  So...yeah.

Do you and your partner use an app to connect on a more personal level? Or do you consider it just more clutter? Let us know below!