Top Wellness Tips for Women’s Health Week

Mother’s Day kicks off Women’s Health Week every May. This week is designed to not only raise awareness for different health issues, but also inspire women to take action. For many of us (all genders included), we know what we need to do to become healthier...we just don’t do it for a variety of reasons. Take a moment to think about what your reasons are and the how to overcome them. Remember that it is never too early or late to work toward being your best self!

Take the first step and learn what you can do to take control of your health. Start with these basic women’s wellness tips from Web MD. Guys—don’t worry—you get your very own health week in June, so stay tuned for tips about Men’s Health next month!

1. Get Your Well-Woman Exam
This is different than a physical or an injury-related medical appointment. A well-woman exam focuses on health history, completing various screenings, and providing counseling. It can also be used to plot a journey forward for weight loss, family planning, or any other life event.

2. Find Your Fave Fitness Mode
Physical activity guidelines for adults recommend two and a half hours of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercises every week (or a combination of the two). The best way to meet these guidelines is to make the exercise a habit. And the best way to create a new habit is to base it on something you like. So, if you hate to run, creating a goal to run a 5k might not be the most effective. Try a yoga class, adding a morning walk before work, or some other workout you’ve been wanting to try. This will make it more likely to stick.

3. Learn to Manage Stress Effectively
How crazy is this statistic? Sixty percent of all human illness and disease is caused by stress (or complications related to stress). With Americans reporting ever-increasing levels of stress, it’s literally killing us. The importance of learning how to manage stress levels cannot be understated. Take time to relax and research methods to learn to recognize the signs of stress when they arise.

4. Eat Well
When in theory it shouldn’t be difficult to pay attention to our eating habits, more and more people report not having a high awareness of the number of calories consumed in a day. We live in a snack culture. Any given block of commercials on television is bound to have a few featuring chips, soda, or unhealthy foods. It’s not that you should never indulge in those kinds of foods...just do so in moderation, and mindfully. Make way for more vegetables and lean proteins, whole grains and vitamin-rich fruit.

Wellness tips rarely fit everyone, so customize these suggestions for where they work in your life.  It’s estimated that less than half of women over age 18 get the minimum recommended exercise and nearly 40% are obese. It’s definitely time to start taking care of our health.