Time to Improve

Begin your journey to self-improvement in the workplace with these simple steps:

There’s a conception in some workplaces that the time you spend at your desk belongs to the company.  To a point, it’s true that you should be your most productive and efficient self while at work. But realistically? We derive our sense of worth from more than the time we spend on the clock.

But being able to take pride in the work we do everyday (or how we spend ⅓ of our life, on average) affects how we feel in other areas of life, and vice versa. Working toward self-improvement shouldn’t be an isolated activity; it has to carry over into multiple areas of life for balance--and that includes the workplace.

So what kinds of steps can you take at work that will have an impact on your self improvement? Here are some great starting points from Daniel Branch:

  1. Ask Questions of Others
    You might not be sure where to start when it comes to self-improvement. Start asking questions of the people with whom you work closely about how things can improve at work. What are you currently doing really well? Is there anything that you could be doing differently to get better results?. Talk to your boss (maybe even grand-boss) about what opportunities are available, and their implications on you and your goals.

  2. Ask Questions of Yourself
    It’s a very self-aware person who can ask and answer deep questions of themselves, but take a moment every day to ask something of yourself--or maybe the same question--that helps you realize what it is that makes you a good worker. What interests you? What are you good at? What do you like to do? Monitor your answers over time, and start to build a deeper understanding of what makes you satisfied.

  3. Prioritize
    Start your day with a list of the tasks you need to do today. It might seem like a good idea to start with the easiest tasks, but it’ll just push the stress of the tasks you dislike to the end of the day. Take an approach that allows for balance...the same approach you want to employ elsewhere for self-improvement.

  4. Stick to a Schedule
    Whether it’s a formal planner, your Google calendar, or a more informal bullet journal, stay on top of the tasks you want to complete every day. Keeping track of the things that need to be done in a day might seem overwhelming, but it’s incentive to cross things off the list or mark as complete.

  5. Acknowledge Weaknesses…
    ...but don’t let them become crutches. Don’t like public speaking? We won’t recommend that you immediately sign up to speak in front of a crowd, but don’t let it stop you from leading a group meeting. Look for small opportunities to work on your weaknesses without feeling pressured.

The key to successful self-improvement in the workplace lies in little steps. Stay consistent in your efforts, and you’re bound to see progress sooner than you realize.

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