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The 5 Best Apps to Help You Eat Healthy and Shed Pounds.

Learning to eat well and implement exercise into your life isn’t the easiest thing. If it was, then everyone would do it, right? But using an app to help monitor your weight, eating habits and exercise can help increase your awareness of your overall health. Beyond the numbers on the scale, you might notice trends in your sleep, connections to your diet, and how you generally feel overall.

Whatever your incentives might be to start monitoring your health, technology and smartphones make it easier than ever. Here are some of the best apps we found that can help you shed the weight you want and move toward a healthier lifestyle.


Our Favorite Apps to Monitor Your Weight:



If money incentivizes you, then Dietbet is your best bet. Dietbet doesn’t track calories or exercise; it’s focused solely on your weight. Users join or create challenges with others who all pay an entry fee. Users then “weigh in” using one of the methods allowed, and are given a goal weight to hit. If they hit their goal weight at the end of the challenge, they win, and get a payout along with everyone else who hit their goal as well. It’s good to know that dietbet has a “No Lose Guarantee,” which means that if you win your bet, you are guaranteed to either win money or break even.  



Lifesum provides more insight into your food habits, and can  you can even specify a particular diet plan to follow (i.e. keto, fasting, scandi, paleo, Mediterranean, and more). If you’re not sure what plan to choose, you can even take a test to discover what one might work best with your current lifestyle and habits. Based on your chosen diet, Lifesum lets you know how you’re doing throughout the day, like if you need to eat more veggies, you’re high in carbs, and more. It even provides users with meal-planning tips, recipes and shopping lists to go with their diet.



Eating out is one of the hardest things to manage while losing weight. Most restaurants focus on high-calories and big portions. Neither of which are ideal when you need to cut back. HealthyOut is a location-based app that allows you search and order healthy restaurant options that work with your regimen. They claim that the dishes presented contain half the fat and calories when compared to the average restaurant meal. A variety of filters allow you to choose food based on your calories, eating plan, dietary restrictions, or simply what you’re craving that day. It’s a great addition to any food tracking app! Looking for other calorie tracking options? Check out our latest blog!


Your Fitness Tracker App

(FitBit, Jawbone, Apple Watch, Google Fit, etc.) The best thing about using your fitness trackers other options beyond steps and workouts? Keeping everything in one place. Track your food and water intake as well as monitor sleep habits without switching apps or devices. While many fitness trackers have apps that will support nutrition, sleep and more, FitBit is probably the most robust. Many nutrition or weight loss apps will also connect with popular tracker apps, so if you don’t use all the tracking tools that come with your wearable, be sure to check out other apps that it’s compatible with. Need help deciding which wearable to purchase? We tested out 4 of the most widely-used wearable health trackers to see which ones are top-notch technology.  Here’s what we found...



MyFitnessPal gets a lot of love when it comes to apps designed to monitor weight, and it’s well-earned. The interface is intuitive and allows users to engage with a community and share whatever they wish. Or users can keep their information private while they work through their own journey. Either way, MyFitnessPal has seamless integration with other apps (including fitness trackers) and provides charts for users to visualize their weight tracking.


What Are Your Goals?

Knowing what you want to get of monitoring or tracking your weight is the first step to knowing which of these apps is right for you. Stay focused on your goals—and find an app that will help you every step of the way!

Are you currently using an app or wearable device that has helped you monitor your weight, eating habits or overall health? Share with us in the comment box below!

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