Sunday Habits to Help Jump-Start Your Work Week

Why do so many people hate Monday mornings? Not only does it mark the end of your fun filled weekend, but you have to get back into your weekday work routine once again. So it's safe to say that it is hard not to resent Mondays; getting back into the grind can make you feel stressed out, unorganized and overwhelmed, even if you love your job. Well, you can find ways to reduce the lack of unproductivity by adapting to some Sunday habits.

Ever heard the saying, “You have a case of the Mondays?”. Here are some key pointers from Entrepreneur to help you jump start your week and get out of the Monday blues.

Have yourself a Sunday Funday!

Get Organized

This is considered your ‘prep time’. Take out that calendar of yours, whether it’s an app on your phone, tablet or the paper one hanging in the kitchen and dedicate a short period of time to organize the week ahead. Prioritize your tasks to help free up some space and reduce worry. Of course, you’ll revisit your plan again on Monday morning. But the key is to know that Monday is mapped out and you know how to turn a typically none-enjoyable-day into a successful one. So maintain focus and don’t try to tackle all your tasks at one time, this can quickly reduce your productivity.

Keep Yourself Relaxed

Sometimes a morning filled with bad traffic, crabby co-workers or the kids had you running late out the door, it’s hard to have time to breath. Let alone make progress towards your planned goals. Taking that time on Sunday to figure out your main areas of focus for the week, whether that’s a project at work, a social event you want to attend with friends, and how many gym sessions you want to fit in. Doing this allows you to bring the most value to your life and keep stress levels at a minimum. So when Wednesday rolls around you’re not rushing and worrying about being even later than you already were going to be.

Stay Concentrated

Aim and shoot to compete everything on your to-do list starting with the one major item to the least critical. This will help with fewer distractions when nearing the of the week. If you have extra time; try getting that project, you have been putting off done on Sunday. The point is to not work on weekends, but to simplify and use this time to engage different parts of your brain but approach it like fun. Make sure to still enjoy your weekend and although you may feel you want to do it all, you only have 24 hours in a day, and some of those need to be used for sleep.

Get Quality Sleep

A good night’s rest on Sunday is the best way to escape the insanity of Monday; it helps you handle stress, puts you in a more cheerful mood and leaves you feeling alert and energized. Who doesn’t want to feel ready to tackle the start of the week rather than hideaway under the covers? To prep for a good night’s sleep on Sunday, you need to try eating healthy, not-heavy meals and finishing your last meal two-and-a-half hours before you plan on going to bed so your digestive process is underway and getting a decent amount of physical activity on Sunday, says Michael Breus, Ph.D., a sleep specialist and author of “The Power of When”.

Monday mornings don’t need to be spent with the feeling of stress creeping up your back. Starting your morning feeling fresh and inspired are qualities you want and need primed, so when everyone around you is dreading the start to their Monday morning, you are ready to conquer the week ahead.


What Sunday habits do you have that help you get ready for your week?