Stop Procrastinating! Tips to Help You Out

No one is 100% innocent of procrastination. To varying degrees, everyone can be guilty of this because it’s easier to say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow. For the most part, we tend to procrastinate doing the things we dislike or things we know are going to be complicated. It can be a vicious cycle where a little procrastination quickly snowballs into a lot as things pile up.

Don’t worry, though. Here are our favorite tips from Lifehack to live your best, procrastination-free life:

1.    Break It Down
Subconsciously a project might look too massive to take on effectively, so it gets put on the backburner. The key is to identify the little steps within the larger project, and schedule time to do those smaller things. The idea is to have such incremental steps that it almost seems too easy. Just make sure that the timeline you create is one t that you can actually adhere to.

2.    Change Your Environment
Check out your office or work space. Has it been awhile since you changed things up? Shaking things up reinvigorates a space and the mind, especially those aspects which might have felt inspirational at first but have since lost their luster. If you can, modify lighting, computer monitor position, artwork - anything that makes you work just a little differently.

3.    Identify Your Procrasti-trends
You might be making it easy for you to procrastinate. If you leave your office door open, it might be an invitation for folks to drop in and chat--not to mention it can allow you to hear any hallway conversations. Shut it for periods of time and force yourself to knock some things off your list. Turn social channels off or block them from your work computer. Put your phone on airplane mode to stop notifications. You’ll have nothing left to do but work.

4.    Get A Buddy
If you could spend time chatting with Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Jeff Bezos or any other self-starting individual, chances are you would feel much more motivated to get stuff done than your fellow cube drone. Find some people outside your “normal” who are go-getters and notoriously hard workers to help reinvigorate you. Talking about your goals and ideas will help keep you both accountable. Even the person who seems to have it really put together can use some extra motivation sometimes!

Moral of the story - just do it! Not to steal Nike's thuder, but seriously. They had the right idea with they coined the saying "just Do It". Not one has ever procrastinated or complained their way up to success, so you can't expect the same. Make a list, focus and start knocking some of those tasks out so you can move onto the next thing! 

What tips have helped you stop procrastinate?