Make the Most of Positive Attitude Month!

Six reasons why staying positive can lead to happier and healthier life.

Positive thinking is a powerful thing. While some might dismiss it as a kind of cheesy, Pollyanna or childlike kind of perspective, having a positive attitude is more than just putting on a happy face. Concentrating on your blessings and the good things in life could keep you healthy as well. Inspiyr has compiled different research sources to arrive at one conclusion: staying positive leads to a happier and a healthier life.

1.  Positive thinking keeps your heart healthy
Harvard published a study showing the effects of optimism. Despite the age of participants (and other risk factors like smoking and obesity), positive thinkers showed a lower propensity for cardiovascular disease and better heart health.

2.  A positive attitude leads to lower stress levels
In studies ranging from college students managing stress to survivors of missile attacks, one thing was consistent: pessimists are more prone to depression and anxiety under stress while positive thinking lowers stress.

3.  Positive people have better relationships
Psychologists Charles S. Carver and Michael F. Scheier published an article on their research on this topic -- but the why is still unclear. Positive thinkers, per their key attribute, naturally see things in a more positive light, making them more satisfied and more dedicated to working through issues.

4.  Positive thinking = Better self care
Studies show that optimistic people are more likely to take care of their bodies. They eat well, take their vitamins, work out, and treat their bodies like metaphorical temples. According to the article from Carver and Scheier, positive thinkers “save their behavioral responses for threats that are truly meaningful.”

5.  A positive attitude lowers blood pressure
Pessimists have higher stress levels, which is one of the primary indicators of high blood pressure. Naturally, optimists have lower stress levels, leading to lower blood pressure.

6.  Rose-colored outlooks even extend to pain tolerance
A study from the journal Pain, shows that a positive outlook even means that optimists have a higher pain tolerance than their blue counterparts.

A positive attitude is more than just one facet of someone’s personality; it’s something that can have advantageous effects on health, relationships, and life in general. Turning into an optimist doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to overturn old habits and find your unique brand of positive thinking. It’s kind of like a super power: unique to you, but evident to others!


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