Setting end of the year goals for personal success

An activity you can do before setting your goals for the New Years.

It’s easy, in this last month of the year, to get caught up in the hubbub of the holiday season. However, don’t let December pass you by, and come up on New Year’s Eve without doing a little retrospective.

It’s a natural thing to look back on the past year and focus on the things you wish you had done, maybe even to the point of ignoring the things you did do. Before setting your goals for 2018, take the time to do a little exercise to put things into perspective.

Grab a pen and paper. We’re going to create a kind of graph, or quadrants to write in. Draw a big square on the paper, and then divide it into 4 smaller squares by drawing lines through the middle horizontally and vertically. If you want to do this on the computer, just create a table on a word document.

  • At the top, over the upper left square, write ‘Things I have’

  • And over the upper right square, write ‘Things I don’t have’

  • To the left, next to the upper row, write ‘Things I want’

  • And below it, for the bottom row, write ‘Things I don’t want’

Fill in the squares using the guides at the top and left side.

  • So the upper left square should contain things that you want that already have. A loving family and friends? A warm place to live? It’s a time to count your blessings.

  • Below it, put the things you have that you don’t want. Debt? A cold?

  • In the second column, the top right square will contain things you don’t have that you want. Maybe a new job, or a faster mile time.

  • In the final, lower right square, write out what you don’t have and don’t want. Like chronic illness, and so on.

See what we have here? You’re able to relish the things you have that you want, celebrate not having things you don’t want, and realize what you do want and don’t have.


Goal-Setting for the Upcoming Year

If you built the matrix described above, use it as a guide for building goals for 2018. Look at the quadrants for what you want but don’t have/don’t want but have. Which of these things have some actionable steps you can start to work toward in 2018? How will you transition these things into either the I have and want/I don’t have and don’t want squares?

Finding out for yourself what you truly value—focusing on needs and wants—is the ideal strategy to create goals that are both meaningful and achievable. By being grateful for the things we have, the path to achieving new goals becomes a little less intimidating.

So what things do you want to achieve in 2018? Share below!

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