September 18: Weekly Health Roundup

One-Third US Kids Eat Fast Food Every Day

One-third of U.S. children are eating fast food at least once each day. That’s the bad news. Ready for the good? It’s a stat that hasn’t increased since the 1990s, something quite significant says one of the report’s authors. The report also found that “adolescents got about 17 percent of their daily calories from fast food” and that there was “no significant difference between kids from families of different income levels”, via CBS Minnesota

20 Restaurants Fail Meat Antibiotic Tests

Chipotle and Panera have reason to celebrate today – they were the only two of 25 companies to receive an A grade on their use of antibiotics in the meat and poultry they serve. Chains like Chick-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s have announced plans to limit or eliminate antibiotics but timelines are fuzzy. Antibiotics in food are so dangerous because they decrease the effectiveness of the drugs, leading to a group of “superbug” infections that are resistant and deadly, via WTOP

Overeating Does More Damage Than You Think                                                                        

Are you a little less vigilant about your diet come the weekend? Many of us are, but a new study has found that even a two-day period of overindulgence can lead to disruptions in our metabolism and blood sugar (read: weight gain and diabetes). It isn’t limited to binges, either. Consistent overeating can lead to the same unhealthy results, via Men’s Fitness

Playing Outside Good for Kids’ Eyes

A recent Chinese study has found links between playing outdoors and the development of eyesight problems. The three-year long experiment found that “40 percent of the kids who did [not receive an extra period of recess] developed nearsightedness compared to 30 percent of the kids who got the extra outdoor activity”, via NBC

Too Much & Too Little Sleep Bad For Waistline

It’s a sad truth that so many of us don’t get the recommended amount of shut eye each night. We know it’s bad for our health but did you know that it can be equally harmful to get too much sleep? That’s right, too much or too little sleep can drastically alter the hormones in our bodies and throw things into chaos. Check out this article to see how much you should be sleeping, via Huffington Post

Time to Weigh In

Do you (or family members) hit the drive through once each day? Did your favorite go-to chain make the grade on the meat antibiotic test? Do the findings about binge and overeating make you think twice about your weekend indulgences? Leave us a comment below with your most pressing thoughts – we love hearing from you!