October 16: Weekly Health Roundup

Dole Fresh Vegetables Spinach Salad Recall Announced

Dole Fresh Vegetables has voluntarily recalled a “limited number of cases of bagged salad” stemming from a potential risk from salmonella. The FDA has reported that the company is working with the administration closely and that no illnesses have been reported related to the recall, via OH&S Online

The Dangers of Dietary Supplements

An estimated 23,000 people are treated in the ER due to problems after ingesting dietary supplements including heart palpitations, chest pain, and choking. While a small percentage – just 5% - the herbal and nutritional pharmaceuticals are largely unregulated and can be dangerous to many of those that take it. Health officials have ramped up efforts to warn consumers and urge them to consult physicians before taking any pill or powder, via The Washington Post

Summer Babies Become Healthier Adults

If you were born in the warmer months, good news – you’re more likely to be a healthier adult. Summer babies have a healthier birth weight and grow into taller adults. Researchers aren’t quite sure yet the reason for this correlation but think it might have something to do with sunlight and the added vitamin D for pregnant mothers, via KSL

This is Why Americans Are Overweight

On the heels of a report labeling America as the most obese country in the world, many are looking into just what has led us to this point. While nearly half of all adults are overweight or obese, it’s the childhood health habits that are really at the root of this epidemic, namely the nutritional choices, via Yahoo Tech

A Sun Salutation a Day May Keep the Doctor Away

There’s always a lot of talk about fitness and nutrition when it comes to our health but the most important, and most likely to be overlooked, risk to our health is stress. According to researchers, things like meditation and yoga can improve cardiac function, reduce inflammation and reduce stress – leading to a healthier, happier you, via Reuters

Time to Weigh In

Are you impressed that Dole Fresh Vegetables took it upon themselves to recall their vegetables or are you worried you might’ve eaten some of the contaminated salad mixes? Have you ever taken a dietary supplement? Did you have any reactions to it that were less than ideal? Do the American school lunches remind you of your elementary days or did you have yours packed?