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Top Risks Tile on Your Benovate Dashboard

We have released yet another feature to our new and improved Benovate dashboard: the ‘Top Risks Tile’.

The Top Risks Tile show yourtop health risks that have been identified based on your answers to the Benovate Living HRA, Biometric Screening results, and other verifiable activities. These may be conditions that you currently have or could be at risk for if you continue along the same path.The risks are ordered by importance, based on the impact to a members’ health, and the projected costs to manage that particular risk.

"The more we know about the risks we face in our own personal health, the better prepared and more proactive we can be. Make use of Benovate's data and content on a daily basis to stay informed about your own unique situation."

The Top Risks Tile also shows the total points earned in each category, and how long it’s been since a risk activity has been completed. A time period colored red indicates that you’ve exceeded the recommended time for completing an activity related to that risk. Each member has the option to click “View All Risks” to see an expanded tile report of all their identified risks.

Did you know...

The Benovate HRA is a Living HRA!  Not sure what that means?

The Benovate Living HRA helps identify health risks based on health information as well as answers to questions about finances, health, growth and relationships. The questions the members see will adjust based on their answers to previous questions, so members aren't answering questions that are irrelevant to their situation.

Log into Benovate now to see your HRA results on the new Top Risks Dashboard tile.


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