New Feature Alert

Now Introducing: The ‘NEW’ Benovate Dashboard!

We have some great news to share today - The Benovate dashboard has been completely redesigned, and after months of careful planning we are so excited to show you the new Dashboard! The new Benovate Dashboard is made of tiles that display statistics around your health, and your engagement within the platform - Making Benovate more informative than ever! If you haven’t logged in today, click over to the platform and check it out.

Here are some of the key components to the new Dashboard:

Engagement Score

The Engagement Score is used to guide you towards a more balanced lifestyle. Four pillars contribute to your Engagement Score - Health, Growth, Relationships & Finance. Learn more about your daily goals and daily limits  by logging into Benovate.

Points and Incentives

The Points and Incentives tile will show you everything around your balance, from for our Rewards to your Lifetime Points. What you see here may vary depending on your group’s specific program set up.

Your Profile

The “Your Profile” tile will be the place to go to make sure we have the most current information about you. This tile will  show you additional information, such as the Health Community you are in and any dependants you have in the system along with their ages.


Check out your dashboard by logging into Benovate!