November 20: Weekly Health Roundup

10,000 Line Up to Donate Blood in Wake of Paris Attacks

After the terror attacks in Paris, France a record number of volunteers have stepped up to donate blood. “12 hours after the bloody attacks in Paris, the line outside just one of the 20 blood donation centers in the city was 300 yards long.” Experts say that the nations need for blood donations is normal, perhaps due to the 10,000 donors that have come forward since the attacks, via WWLP

U.S. Files Criminal Charges Against Nutritional Supplement Giants

USPlabs and six of its executives are facing criminal charges for “the unlawful sale of nutritional supplements”. Using a synthetic stimulant made in China, the company told retailers their supplements were made from plant extracts. This has led to a “rash of liver injuries [and] several users needing transplants”. The company offered to cooperate with the FDA but instead sold off their inventory as quickly as possible to salvage profits, via Reuters

Coffee Tied to Lower Risk of Dying Prematurely

In a study that followed over 200,000 participants for up to 30 years, researchers have found that “drinking coffee is associated with a reduced risk of dying from heart disease” stroke, diabetes, neurological diseases and suicide. The one caveat to the study was that smokers did not see the same benefits, most likely due to the fact that smoking-related illnesses overwhelm the benefits of drinking coffee, via NY Times

Men Eat 92% More Food When Dining with a Woman

While observing the behavior of 105 adults at an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet, researchers found that men visiting with at least one female companion ate 93 percent ore pizza and 86 percent more salad compared to those eating with only men. The study suggests “that men tend to overeat to show off” and to make up for an overall nutritionally poor diet when on their own, via Medical Daily

Pediatricians Want Farmers to Use Fewer Antibiotics

Doctors are worried about the amount of antibiotics present in the meat children eat, calling it a “significant public health threat”. This “’overuse’ and ‘misuse’ of antibiotics in animals and in people are largely to blame for antibiotic resistance”, which has led to a call for a reduction on the agricultural side of things where the drugs are used as growth agents, via CNN

Time to Weigh In

Did you consider doing something (donating blood, time, money) after seeing coverage of the attacks in Paris? All the guys out there – do you feel like you eat more when dining with female friends? And ladies – have you noticed any extreme eating in your presence? Are you for less antibiotics in our meat? What do you think can be done to best get this accomplished? Give us a shout below!