November 13: Weekly Health Roundup

Government Wants Your Help Defining Natural Foods

After three citizen petitions to define labels such as “all natural” or “100 percent natural”, the FDA is asking all American’s for input on how to define “natural” on food labels. The policy will not address new issues like GMOs or newer ways to process foods, via NPR

The FDA Changing Sugar Labeling

Diets high in sugar have been associated with a range of negative health impacts from obesity to diabetes to high blood pressure. Current labels only contain information on the total amount of sugar in the product and includes naturally occurring (read: healthy) sugars. Reducing added sugars would improve diets immensely – something Americans need at the moment, via Mashable

Signs of Cardiac Disease Start Early in Obese Children

Kids carrying around excess weight can experience long lasting negative effects to their health as early as the age of eight according to data presented at the November 10th American Heart Association’s sessions. Levels of childhood obesity have leveled off in recent years but risks are still as real as ever, via ScienceNews

Changes in Sense of Humor May Be Early Sign of Dementia

Patients developing Alzheimer’s – the leading cause of dementia – often experience changes to what they find funny. Sudden changes to humor, a complex and deep appreciation based on a variety of things, should “ring alarm bells” according to experts. "As sense of humor defines us and is used to build relationships with those around us, changes in what we find funny has impacts far beyond picking a new favorite TV show," said Dr. Camilla Clark, a researcher at University College London, via UPI

Your Beer Belly May End Up Killing You

A new study has found that excess body fat, even if you’re skinny everywhere else, may be “even more deadly than being obese or overweight”. So what makes belly fat so deadly? It’s the deep fat that “goes inside your body and wraps around your vital organs” that is so dangerous to our overall health. Diet, exercise and a stress free lifestyle are the best ways to rid yourself of weight around your middle, via WBAL TV

Time to Weigh In

Are you going to weigh in on the definition of “natural” foods? What do you think qualifies? What doesn’t? Are you or someone you know a caretaker of an elderly relative? Have you seen signs of changing personality? Let us know below – we love to hear from our readers!