May 27: Weekly Health Roundup

Shorter Workout, Better Results

A recent study found that a 10-minute interval workout, which involved just 1 minute of overall sprinting time, was just as effective as a 50-minute endurance workout done at a moderate pace. The study showed similar improvement in aerobic fitness, metabolism and muscle function for those who performed in the workout. See if interval training is the right fit for you, via LiveScience


FDA Making Changes to Nutrition Labels

After 20 years the FDA has announced that they will be changing the nutrition labels, making the calorie count more obvious. The new labels will have new dietary guidelines that will be designed to “draw people’s attention to the calories and servings,” says Susan Mayne, director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition at the FDA. The FDA will make changes that are more accurate to what people actually consume, making it easier for you to utilize the nutritional facts. See what the new label will look like, via  ABC News


Sunflower seed Recall Due to Listeria Concerns

Due to an over contamination concern of Listeria on sunflower seeds, the FDA urges everyone and anyone who has purchased the items to throw away or return to stores. The SunOpta’s facility, as well as Planters and Sunrich Naturals are undergoing a decontamination of the bacteria that can cause serious and sometimes deadly infection, via 10NEWS


Cafes Go Crazy for New Indian Remedy

Haldi Doodh also known as “Golden Milk” is a traditional drink in India that is claimed to have a helped with a number of ailments including depression and cnacer. This mixture of milk and turmeric has flooded the Cafes in the West from San Francisco to Sydney making it “2016’s drink of choice.” Via Fox News


Bionic Skin Made to Save Lives

University of Tokyo Scientist; Prof. Takao Someya has invented the world’s first ultra-thin, bionic skin (e-skin) with the ability to detect change in temperature and pressure distribution, tumors, diagnose diseases, and prevent heart attacks through the sense of touch. Check out this amazing new invention, and the future goals that Prof. Takao Someya has planned, via CNN


Time to Weigh In

Do you think you have it in you to do an intense 10 min. interval work out? What are your thoughts on the FDA changing the labels, do you think they will be beneficial? How do you feel about this new technology called E-Skin, do you think this could be the future of healthcare? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!