May 20: Weekly Health Roundup

Busy Schedule, Happy Brain

Surprising the researchers behind these findings, it turns out that those with busier schedules scored higher on a test that measured cognitive functions including reason, memory and mental quickness. The hypothesis behind these findings are that the “daily workout of completing task after task is building our brains up and improving mental skills”, via NPR

Congress Hopes to Stop Food Waste

A bill has been proposed recently that would help to eliminate food waste by regulating the food labels to make it easier to donate food before they go bad. These labels very widely and the food is often ok for consumption long after the “best used by” or “expires on” date, via Roll Call

Can Your Smartphone Stop Zika?

Turns out you can help find a cure for the Zika virus – on your smartphone, in between texting your mom back and checking Facebook. The #OpenZika project will “run virtual experiments on potential compounds that could form drugs to address Zika” on IBM’s World Community Grid – a platform that has been used to research other diseases like malaria and Ebola, via CNBC

10 Fittest Cities in America

The American College of Sports Medicine released a report on the healthiest cities in the U.S. The college ranked cities based on how well they “support active, healthy lifestyles, walkability and park access” as well as levels of chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and smoking were taken into account. Check out to see if your city made the cut, via CBS News

Superbugs Could Kill Every 3 Seconds by 2050

The British government released a report that suggested that by the year 2050, “superbugs will kill someone worldwide every three seconds”. These superbugs (aka antibiotic-resistant bacteria) are a growing problem as antibiotics are being treated as “sweets” that many take only until they feel better, not until the virus is completely eradicated, via Fox News

Time to Weigh In

Do you find it easier to remember things when you have a packed schedule? Are you behind congress’ attempt to curb food waste? Do you keep things in the fridge a bit after their best-by date? Did you city make the cut on the list of 10 Fittest Cities in America? We just have to know. Shoot us a comment in the section below!