March 18: Weekly Health Roundup

Can You Really Get a Stroke from a Hair Salon Visit?

According to Elizabeth Smith from California who is suing a local beauty salon, the answer is yes. Smith claims that a CT scan revealed that “an artery in Smith’s neck had been damaged by leaning back in the beauty parlor’s shampoo chair and sink." While extremely rare, it’s not unheard of. and even has a nickname: Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome, via CBS

High Body Fat, Not BMI, Linked with Higher Death Rate

Research has found that health professionals should steer away from using BMI as an indicator of overall health and look more at a person’s body fat content. They’ve also found that underweight individuals had a 44% higher risk of dying while those with high body fat content (more than 38.7%) had 19% higher death rates, via CNN

Bumble Bee Recalls 31K Cases of Tuna over Life-Threatening Spoilage

Due to a deviation in the commercial sterilization process, Bumble Bee was forced to recall over 31,000 cases of tuna. These cans may contain “contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens, which could lead to life-threatening illness if consumed”. While no illnesses have reported, the company advises customers to throw away their products, via NJ Advance Media

Healthy Heart May Also Mean Healthy Brain

Turns out that heart healthy habits like avoiding cigarettes, maintaining a normal weight and keeping cholesterol and blood pressure in check can also improve your cognitive health. In fact, the more heart healthy habits you add to your life (think 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables) the better your brain health will be, via Fox News

3-year-old with Cancer Gets Postcards from Around the World

Ellie Walton, a 3-year-old with terminal brain cancer, wanted to make a scrapbook with big sister Ava and her parents leapt into action. After posting a request for postcards on Facebook, the world answered. Within a couple weeks, dozens of postcards from around the world arrived on the family's doorstep. A cheered Ellie was able to start another round of chemotherapy with renewed energy. While her brain cancer has a 5 percent survival rate, her parents say the family is not giving up. Click on the link to the article if you want to send Ellie a postcard, via CBS

Time to Weigh In

We know it’s uncomfortable, but are you worried about the possibility of having a stroke after having your hair shampooed at your local salon? Are you like us and relieved that the physicians are leaning away from using BMI as a health indicator? Speaking of health, tuna is a great protein source but we’ll be combing through our pantry to toss out any Bumble Bee tuna – will you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!