March 11: Weekly Health Roundup

US Diets Contains Mostly “Ultra-processed” Foods

A study, published in the online journal BMJ Open analyzed the diets of over 9,300 children, teens and adults and found that nearly 60 percent of all calories consumer are “ultra-processed”. What exactly is ultra-processed, you might ask? Foods defined as ultra-processed contain “several semi-processed ingredients such as oils, flours, sugars, sweeteners, and salt”. Check out the other offenders you may want to remove from your diet, via Voice of America

Why So Many Americans Are Feeling Stressed

A whopping 24 percent of American reported being highly stressed in 2015, compared with 18 percent the year before. The causes of the stress come largely from discrimination, such as being treated with less respect or courtesy, receiving poorer service than others, or being threatened or harassed, via CBS News

Sugar, Starchy Diets May Raise Chances of Lung Cancer

A team at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston found that people with diets high in food that have a high glycemic index were more likely to develop lung cancer. This link was stronger among people who have never smoked – non-smokers “were more than twice as likely to have lung cancer if they reported eating a high-glycemic diet”, via NBC News

46% of Californian Adults are Pre-Diabetic

According to research from UCLA, 55% of Californian adults “have either diabetes or pre-diabetes” whereas previous estimates put the number closer to 33%. 55% translates into nearly 13 million adults, 70% of which will develop full blown diabetes within their lifetime, via Los Angeles Times

Another Chipotle Closes Down Due to Norovirus

A Chipotle restaurant in Billerica, Massachusetts closed down on Tuesday after one of the employees there was diagnosed with a norovirus infection. This is being looked upon in the restaurant world as “an indication that the system is working” according to Doug Powell from the food safety site, via Restaurant News

Time to Weigh In

Do you think your diet contains an unhealthy amount of “ultra-processed” foods? Does it stress you out? If not, what does? Did the Chipotle shutdown make you more likely to stay away or feel better that Chipotle seems to be taking the norovirus seriously? We have to know what you think – share in the comments below!