June 17: Weekly Health Roundup

Top Trending Story - Puppy Love

After the tragic Orlando shooting on Monday, 12 golden retrievers arrived in Florida to give comfort to some of the families, victims, and medical workers. The dogs got the hospitalized victims smiling, laughing, and talking. It’s not entirely clear whether comfort animals provide long-term benefits to those in pain, but the dogs sure show unconditional love! - NYTimes

8 Habits Leading to a Healthy Family

Having a healthy and active family should always be on a parents “To Do List”. For you that means getting outside and playing together, meal prepping with the kids, or just enjoying the down time you may have at the end of a busy day. Whatever it may be make it fun, because once you see a change, becoming that “fit family” will feel so natural!  Thanks to the Huffington Post and Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, you and your family can try easy-to-do activities!

Teach Your Kids About Investing

The moment your child asks for their first piggy bank is a perfect time to teach them a valuable lesson on saving money. Get a head start on showing them what compounding, investing and losing or saving money means and if done correctly can lead to a lifetime of financial success. The Motley Fool gives you 3 kid friendly ways on showing your child how important it is to invest in their money.

The Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

A wellness programs primary focus is often on the employees. But, with these programs there is the debate on the cost savings and return on investment (ROI). It is crucial when making these incentives that they are meant to inspire, bring teams together and build trust between employees and leaders that will help drive the company mission. Make sure it does NOT become another program that will never be used! Check out Entrepreneur and see if a wellness program is right for your company!

New Signs of Stress, Leading to Brain Damage

Chronic stress can lead changes in the brain that can cause you to me worn-out, anxious, and in some cases lead to depressive disorders. A study was done at Rockefeller University has shown stress changing a region in the called the amygdala, which regulates your emotions. But take this as good news, according to Sciencedaily, this experiment will help create a new drug that will hopefully help prevent these changes. 

Time to Weigh-In

 Do you have other activities you do with your family that weren't listed? Is teaching your child about investing a good idea? Should all companies have a wellness program? Share your thoughts in the comment box below