June 10: Weekly Health Roundup

Artificial Intelligence, Slowing the Growth of Cancer

A clinical trial was done with a new drug that had been developed using artificial intelligence to test the toxicity of a tumor cell. At the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference, the data was presented showing the results of 85 patients, with one result showing a patient’s tumor shrinking by 25%. Now, although this is still considered ‘early days’ for the drug, the US Bio. Tech Company (Berg) will be putting their supercomputers to the test. This will hopefully give scientists a lead to ‘outsmart cancer’ once and for all. It’s incredible! Check it out, Via BBC

Slow Actions on Food Recall

The OIG report says the FDA needs to be more firm when it comes to food recalls. This slow to action recall as left one baby died, 2 miscarriages, and leaving at least 14 people ill due to the listeria infection in contaminated cheese, and a strain of Salmonella in nut butter. In the OIG report, the FDA let five months pass before the company responsible started the conduct a recall. See what OIG suggest the FDA do to step up their game, Via NBCnews

Top Rated Fitness Gadgets

Staying slim and getting fit has become an evolving door to the world of fitness and health. There is always that new fad of diets, exercise, and gadgets that are designed to give everyone the results they are looking for. Fitness tech gadgets are usually on the spendy side, but if something so easy can give you that extra push, then why wouldn’t you get one? See what fitness gadget works best for you and your work outs, and push yourself to reach that goal!  Via HealthFitnessRev.

U.S. Obesity Epidemic Hits All Time High

Latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 38 percent of U.S. adults and 17 percent of teenagers are obese. The efforts to encourage Americans to stop putting on weight or try to lose the weight have had little to no effect. Many foundations have provided hundreds and millions of dollars into trials and studies to develop programs that would help this epidemic. However, some data suggests the epidemic is diminishing, and maybe it is time to take a different approach. Via NBCnews

Why Exercise Makes You Happy!

Most people understand what happens to their body during exercise, but do most people understand the connection exercise has with the brain? Well, we release chemicals called BDNF and endorphins that help block and protect the brain from the discomfort of exercising. This triggers neurons in the brain to put you at ease, which is why exercise makes us feel so good. Find out how you can make this become a healthy habit, Via HealthFitnessRev.

Time to Weigh In

What are your thoughts on the new drug that may ‘outsmart cancer’? Should the FDA try out these new suggestions from OIG? Do you own one of these fitness gadgets?  If not, what one is your favorite? Do you think the obesity epidemic will worsen? What are your suggestions? Leave us your comments in the box below!