July 8: Weekly Health Round Up

Certain Work Hours Can Be Terrible for Your Health

Based on scientific research, those who are working the “non-regular” work hours could be paying the price with their health. A business that runs an around the clock shift rotation or shifts between 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. may contribute to many employee health risks such as lowered immunity, metabolic issues, obesity, diabetes and decreased cognitive function. That’s not all folks! If you are one of those late night workers or have some on your payroll, visit Inc. to learn more about how to stay health on a non-traditional work schedule.

First Dissolving Stent for US Patients

The FDA approved a medical device that has been designed to help treat patients with coronary artery disease. This dissolving implant is on a breakthrough in finding a better approach to treating on of the leading cause of death in the U.S. Although this has not yet been proven to be safer than the older metal implants, experts say this in an important step that will hopefully lead us in finding an even better approach. USNews shares the pros and cons to this new device, check it out!

Group Exercise – Great Benefits

Can group exercise routines be beneficial? If you find keeping a regular exercise routine to be hard work, love being around people, aren’t sure where to start, or are even looking to push yourself to the next level, then the answer to that could be yes! A study had found that when exercising within a group you tend to push harder, achieve higher goals, and keeps your body stimulated, increasing your odds in sticking with an exercise program. Get back into the swing of things with some info from Active.

Not All Fats Are Bad for You

Finally! New proof that eating the right kinds of fats are not actually bad for your health. A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine says that eating more polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids lowered your risk of death, while eating more trans-fat and saturated fat was linked to a higher risk of death. TIME can help clarify the roles of different fats; and help you understand what fats may be a good addition to your diet.

Find the Best Way to Handle Negative Customer Feedback

Finding the best solution to deal with negative thoughts or experiences that were shared online can be an overwhelming experience as a business owner.  Consumers can be quick to share those angry and rude comments; you need to find the best way to make the customer happy while still protecting your business. Whether you’re the business owner or the one responding to the consumer, Inc. can help you learn how to address negative feedback and gain back a customer’s loyalty.

Time to Weigh In

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