July 31: Weekly Health Roundup

Miracle Weight Loss Pill ‘Mimics’ Exercise

Researchers have developed a molecule that tricks muscles into thinking they just got done with intense physical exertion. In laymen’s terms, this molecule tricks the body “into activating the cells central enegy censor known as AMPK [which] increases their glucose update and metabolism – something that commonly occurs during exercise and can lead to weight loss” , via Perth Now

8-Year-Old Boy Becomes First Child to Receive Double Hand Transplant

Zion Harvey, the first child to receive a double hand transplant is doing well after a surgery earlier this month at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. A life-threatening bacterial infection meant the amputation of both of Zion’s hands and feet when he was only two years old. Although he has plenty of physical therapy ahead of him, doctors are confident that Zion – who was able to feed, walk and run, prior to the surgery – will adapt well to his new limbs, via Business Insider

Why 15% of Americans Don’t Have Internet

Down 50% from 2000, the number of Americans who don’t have access to internet is still hovering around 15% of the population. As expected, a majority of these people are 65 and older or those earn between $30,000 and $50,000 a year, via Time

Americans Are Eating Less

After more than 40 years, daily calorie consumption for the average American adult “are in the midst of their first sustained decline”. Peaking in 2003, this decrease can be seen “across most major demographic groups – including higher- and lower-income families” and different ethnicities. Many credit the decline to lower sugary-drink consumption and overall improved health awareness, via NY Times

To Shed Pounds, Vegetarianism or Veganism May Help

If you’re looking to drop some pounds, going vegetarian or vegan might be just the solution. Vegetarian participants in a Harvard study lost 4.4 pounds more than the control group while vegans lost 5.5 pounds more, losses that are largely credited to the heavy focus on plant-based foods. Researchers do acknowledge that study participants “receive more support than when they’re on their own” and that choosing a diet you’ll actually stick to is key to making a real change, via NPR

Time to Weigh In

Would you purchase the “miracle” weight loss pill or does that seem a little too risky to you? Could be that Americans might not need it as much since we’re eating less! Have you steered clear of sugary drinks in an attempt to improve your health? Would you ever consider going vegetarian or vegan to help shed those extra pounds? Let us know in the comments below!