July 29: Weekly Health Round Up

Stay Safe During the Summer Heat!

As the summer days get warmer and longer, you may find yourself enjoying the sun for long periods of time. It is important to understand ways to protect yourself from the heat whether you’re young, old, athletic or sedentary. When exposed to too much of the sun and its extreme heat you may put yourself at risk to those related-heat illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Learn how to protect yourself from any damage the summer heat or sun can do with some help from USANews. Start practicing today!

Get Fit and Trim While Sitting

At first glance it looks like a reclining chair that you would place in front of your TV. But the researchers at the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) have transformed this “lounging chair” into an active virtual avatar. The chair can be adjusted to an individual’s physical condition and time of day. Not only can it fit to the needs of one person, but it can be adjusted to fit every member in the family. It is designed to enhance your health, quality of life, and safety. So can you really get fit and athletic while sitting? Sciencedaily thinks so! See what the future plans are for this new innovative piece of furniture.

Hours of Daily TV Watching Tied to Blood Clot Deaths

A Japanese study suggests when people who watch 5 or more hours of television it can increase the risk of blood clot in the lungs. In the U.S. each year more than 200,000 cases of pulmonary embolism, (AKA a sudden blockage of a major blood vessel in the lungs) occur, says the National Library of Medicine. Don’t think taking the time to relax after a long day is bad for you – it’s not! The key to lowering risk is making sure to add exercise and healthy eating habits into the mix if sitting in front of the TV becomes an excessive routine. Check out FoxNews and see what the risks of watch an extreme amount of TV can do to your body.

Robotic Arm May Help with Muscle Strains

Emma, the robotic massage therapist developed by AiTreat is undergoing trials at a medical institution that offers rehabilitation and pain management for sport related injuries. This robotic arm has a 3D-printed massage tip that can automatically carry out treatment for patients. Emma was not designed to replace the skilled and highly trained therapists but to improve productivity by treating multiple patients when help is needed. Having already treated over 50 patients with different conditions, Emma seems to be doing her job right!  

Standing Desks in Classrooms

A recent study gathered data from eight previously published papers showing that standing desks increased children’s activity time; not just in school but outside as well. Children spend over 50 percent of their school days sitting, whether that’s sitting while traveling to and from school, sitting in class or sitting during lunch and recess, says lead study author Karl Minges of the Yale School of Nursing in Connecticut. Although reducing sitting time in many of these situations can be difficult, finding ways to eliminate sedentary time among school-aged children is important. By placing standing desks in classrooms, the researchers are hoping to reduce the time in non-active behaviors and increase potential health and education benefits. Visit FoxNews to learn more on the research done. Even if you don’t have kids, this impacts all of us as kids are the future!

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