July 22: Weekly Health Round Up

Trending Story: Pokémon GO

The game that has encouraged users to walk around searching for fictional creatures is motivating and kind of awesome. This mobile game is responsible for pushing players outside to explore their surroundings. While players think they are just playing a game and trying to “catch ‘em all”, they are also exercising and walking. A lot. Pokémon GO has captured the hearts and minds of millions! This is exactly the distraction America needs right now. If a weird video game can get everyone out exercising together, we’ll take it! USAToday explains how this fun cartoon game has captured everyone’s attention so quickly. Check it out!

Healthy Eating Tips from Around the World

Just as Americans have different recipes, eating habits and dining traditions – the rest of the world has its own. Traveling internationally can give you a different perception into many healthy eating habit around the world. If you are not much of a traveler, don’t worry, you’re in luck! Many registered dietitian nutritionists are sharing their favorite healthy eating tips and inspired recipes that they picked up on their travels around the world. Visit USNews and discover the tastes and traditions of different cultures and enjoy them within the comfort of your own home.

U.S. Kids Concussion Rates Have Doubled

A study was done that looked into the health insurance data of 9 million to gather information on the diagnoses of concussions. On July 10, 2016, HealthyDay News stated that the concussion rates in U.S. teens have doubled between 2007 and 2014. The causes of those concussions are unknown according to lead researcher Dr. Alan Zhang, of the University of California. So, the real question is whether the increase reflects a true rise in the number of injuries or that we are getting better at diagnosing them -- or both. Know the precautions you can take to help you prevent or minimize your risk of head injuries.

Decode Your Food with This New App

I am sure you've heard about the numerous food apps that count calories and track eating habits. Well, the Sage Project has gone a step further and given you the upper hand on how to navigate through nutrition beyond the food label. “There are a lot of things about those labels that make assumptions about what you know and what you want to know,” says Sam Slover, the co-founder and chief executive of Sage. The app is meant to adapt to your daily nutritional requirements and specific weight, height and lifestyle - who wouldn’t want a better understanding of that? Check out NYTimes and see if this app would be a useful tool for you!

Fracking Wells Linked to Asthma Flare-Ups

Living t0o close to a hydraulic fracturing site, also known as fracking, could increase risk of developing asthma, according to a new study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine. When looking at unconventional natural gas development (UNGD) activity in Pennsylvania and the data of patients from a regional health clinic, more than 35,000 patients were identified with having asthma. More data is needed to determine if these cases are caused by the UNGD, but its something to keep an eye on If you or someone you know live near a fracking site.  LiveScience has gathered information on the study and the impact fracking may have on your health.