July 17: Weekly Health Roundup

Cooking Outside Your Comfort Zone

Supercomputer Watson is now being commissioned to help whip up a great meal. Powering an app that’s armed with the ingredients in your kitchen and the recipes of Bon Appetit , Watson generates recipes that are “backed by science and programmed to surprise”. Users can add ingredients to churn out potential dishes and help them push culinary boundaries, via NPR

FDA Ups Warning Against OTC Painkillers

Last week the FDA increased its warning of the risk of heart attack and stroke from painkillers such as Motrin IB, Aleve and Celebrex (but not aspirin). Experts want to enforce that “there are no completely safe pain relievers, period” and encourage people not to use them for smaller aches and pains, via Telegram

Depressed? Your Smartphone May Tell

Your use of your smartphone could actually reveal if you’re suffering from depression, according to a new study. “People with depression often experience a lack of motivation or energy to go out and do things”, which explains why those that used their phones more often were at a higher risk for depression. Tracked via an app, this new data analysis could provide insight into who is at risk and the opportunity to intervene before it becomes life threatening, via LiveScience

Restaurant food not much healthier than fast food

If you choose restaurant food over fast food with the assumption that it’s a healthier choice, you may be in for a rude awakening. According to a study, participants who ate at fast food restaurants consumed an average of 190 more calories each day than those that ate at home while participants who ate at full-service restaurants consumer about 187 more calories. Most restaurants don’t have calories listed on their menus and lead many to order meals with large portions and high calorie, fat and salt content, via Fox News

High-risk areas for Lyme disease growing, CDC says

Lyme disease is a growing issue with 260 counties “where the risk of catching Lyme disease is at least twice the national average, up from 130 a decade earlier. These cases concentrated in the upper Midwest and Northeast though “17 states have high-risk counties”. Transmitted through bites of infected deer ticks, people can recover with antibiotics but if left untreated “can cause arthritis and more severe problems”, via CBS News

Time to Weigh In

Would you download the IBM app to help you whip up some exotic meals? Do the warnings about over-the-counter painkillers make you think twice about popping a few for your headaches or sore muscles? Are you in one of the risk areas for Lyme disease? Are you aware of the measures to reduce your risk of contracting it? Let us know in the comments below!