July 1: Weekly Health Round Up

Trending Article: Commercial Drones Could Deliver Medical Supplies

The government has given commercial drone services the ‘go-ahead’ to deliver medical supplies for the first time in the United States. Starting in August the plan is to begin medical deliveries in remote places such as Indian reservations. Remote American clinics run short on supplies and they're also dependent on timely deliveries in emergencies. These new drones are made to be faster, travel longer, and reduce cost while opening the door to a possible $82 billion dollar market and employing 100,000 people. Visit Co.Exist, and check out this world changing idea.

Cures for Investment Anxiety

Investing and money managing can bring stress and anxiety into many lives. When it comes to investing, there’s no way to predict what may happen, and that little voice in the back of your head constantly saying ‘What if I’m wrong?’ But you’re better off doing something wrong, than not doing anything at all.  Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” So, check out these 4 helpful cures that Forbes put together to relieve those anxiety driven fears! 

Stroke Survivors walk again after stem cell brain injections

People once dependent on wheelchairs after having a stroke are walking again after receiving these stem cell injections into their brains. A small trial that was conducted saw improvements in the patients’ speech and arm movements. In the 2nd trial, all patients showed improvements in their strength, coordination, ability to walk, and communication. In both trials, improvements in patients’ mobility had stabilized since having had strokes between six months and three years previously. See it for yourself and visit NewScientist, the results are remarkable!

Being Busy Effects Your Brain and Health

According to new research, people who are busy tend to create new connections and pathways in the brain leading to improved memory, reasoning and mental quickness. But not all busyness is good for your health - it can often make you feel stressed, frantic and ultimately become destructive to your well-being. Understand the difference between a busy-life that allows you to perform at your maximum potential and a stress filled life were your body shuts down. Understand your bodies limits with some help from FastCompany!

Fix Your Posture in a 10-Minute Workout

Could having bad posture increase your chances to sustain an injury? The answer is YES! Bad posture can lead to headaches, back pain, and other injuries or discomforts. Having correct posture can help minimize the load on your skeletal muscles, and enables your body to move more freely and efficiently. If you can’t stand against a wall and have your head, shoulders, and glutes touching the wall at the same time, visit BuiltLean to learn how to stretch and exercise your way back into perfect posture!

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