January 8: Weekly Health Roundup

Best Diets 2016

If you’re like a majority of Americans, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to drop some weight this year. U.S. News is aiming to help you out with a list of this year’s most effective diet plans. Which ones top the list? HMR, DASH and MIND diet, just to name a few. Check them out here if you’re hoping to kick start your healthy habits in 2016, via NPR

‘Health’ Foods Differ By Individual

We’ve all seen the headlines: Don’t eat diary! Red meat is the culprit! Carb-free is the way to go! IF you’ve been trying to follow the rapidly changing landscape of what you should and should not eat, take heart. Turns out that one man’s health food is another man’s junk food. The true test of a diet is how our microbiome handles the foods we eat, so try switching up your food routine and see what makes you feel better and your pants looser, via CNN

Tom Brady’s Chef Shares Strict Diet

At 38 years of age, Tom Brady is still in great shape and playing great football. A lot of this could be thanks to his strict diet, which, according to his chef, is a carefully thought out and extremely strict one. Among the list of no-no’s on the Brady family diet are white sugar, white flour, mushrooms and tomatoes, via Yahoo!

Partially Blind Man Adopt Puppy with One Eye

If you need some happy news to round out your week – this is it. Jordan Trent, a partially blind man in Texas found his match in a miniature Australian shepherd puppy that was born with only one eye. You can follow their escapades on an Instagram account created by Trent, via Fox News

Free App Reveals Sugar Content of Kids’ Drinks

Sugar is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the obesity crisis in our children. Because of this, parents are being urged to download a “sugar smart app” that can check popular products for their sugar content. Developed by Public Health England, the app works on over 75,000 products, “offering a quick guide to help parents to assess potential purchases that may arm their children’s health, via BBC News

Time to Weigh In

Are you going to give any the top 2016 diets a try this year? What “Health” foods do you love and which have done nothing to improve your diet? What are your thoughts on Brady’s uber-strict diet? Doable or completely crazy? Let us know below!