Helpful Tips to Move Up in Your Career

Are you looking for the next career challenge but are unsure how to get there? Today more than ever, a career detour just might lead you to your career destiny. At every level — including the top — employees commonly weave through several obstacles before stepping up to their final destination. “Learn to view your career path as an opportunity to make it exactly what you want it to be”, says Chad Halverson, Founder and CEO of When I Work. Be someone who wants to focus on serious career progression and be able to move up by using ethical approaches.

So, if you want to have a more positive impact and be more influential within your company, here are some helpful ways to do so with some help from Inc!

1.       Develop Mentoring Relationships

Having a mentor to help steer you away from mistakes and help you improve your career approach is very important. Some companies have formal mentoring programs, but even if your company does not, there are still ways you can build relationships with people in higher positions in the company. Spending time with a respected co-worker and building good relationships with the right people will only benefit you in the long run. So, listen to what they say, and take their advice!

2.       Take On More Challenges

Always ask your boss for more responsibilities, that is, if you have the time for them. This can help open up your comfort zone and prepare you for greater things. You can't expect to land new responsibilities without first going above and beyond with your current position. Remember, there is always room for improvement and asking to do more never hurts. This can show your interest and desire within the company. But, make sure not take on more responsibility than you're ready to handle.

3.       Take Responsibility

It’s OK to get things wrong as long as you own up with integrity, and offer solutions. People who immediately resort to finger-pointing and blame-shifting when things go bad might be seen as someone who can’t be relied on to take necessary risks. Be honest in your dealings with colleagues, clients, business partners and suppliers. Share credit where it is due, and be accountable for your failures when they happen. A boss is always looking for a person who is not only ready to carry any responsibilities, but eager to stomach the consequences of his or her failure.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” –Winston Churchill

4.       Never Stop Learning

While you are eagerly pursuing the position you desire, remember to keep learning. Show the company that you’re interested in a learning different skills. Do not be shy or embarrassed about sharing your ideas either. What’s the worst that can happen? They reject the idea? Ask why your idea won't work, and you'll learn something new along the way. That information can be used to come out with better ideas. Just because you landed a job doesn’t mean you’re done learning. Staying “in the know” about your industry will be vital to your career advancement.

Honesty always is a workplace value that any employer values -- if you are true to yourself and true to them, and master these helpful tips, you could eventually rise to the top.