Healthy for the Holiday Contest

Are you up for the challenge?


Join our very first member-wide Engagement Score Contest
The members with the top 10 Engagement Scores will win a $25 Amazon gift card - In the case of a tie, we will hold a drawing of members who are tied.

Sign up now through November 26th
Contest starts Monday, November 27th and ends Friday, December 22nd!
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Have fun competing with other Benovate members for the best Engagement Score by completing a balance of activities in all four health pillars in your Benovate Dashboard.

What’s your Engagement Score?

The Benovate Engagement Score is used to guide you toward a more balanced lifestyle. Each activity completed contributes points toward one or more of these pillars - Health, Growth, Relationships & Finance. Learn more about your daily goals  by logging into Benovate.

Log in daily to make sure your pillars are balanced and your engagement score is high. Remember, good health isn’t just about completing a lot of activities in one pillar, it’s about balance in all 4 pillars.


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