February 5: Weekly Health Roundup

New Protein Unlocks Secrets to Burn More Fat

Scientists have identified a gene responsible for the blockage of fat burn called sLR11. This protein blocks brown fat cells (those responsible for generating heat to keep us warm) and instead stores those fat cells. Obese adults have less brown fat that lean people, leading to researching saying that increasing brown fat can lead to an increase in weight loss, via CNN Health

The Truth Behind the Chick-Fil-A Diet

A new diet, affectionately named “the chicken nugget cleanse” has hit the scene and is making waves. After the New Year, Chick-Fil-A suggested adding “one healthy habit to your day, like eating chicken nuggets every three hours”. Healthy? May be a bit of a stretch. Curious what all this cleanse entails? Check out more here, via Fox News

Beard Could Help Develop New Antibiotics

There have been rumors as of late that the beard is a cesspool of bacteria and dirt – and they’re a little right. While research failed to find human excrement (a scary rumor that was floated around) they did find a “tantalizing suggestion of a breakthrough in the global fight against drug-resistant infections”, via The Washington Post

Deodorant Can Change Body’s Bacteria

North Carolina State University researchers found that antiperspirants can seriously damage the microbiome life on our bodies. Continual use has been found to deplete the number of bacteria in our armpits. While the understanding of just what this means for our overall health is unknown as of yet, though researchers are keeping a close eye on the disappearing skin bacteria, via Discovery News

DNA May Be Dictate if You’re a Morning or Night Person

After analyzing nearly 90,000 individuals, the genetics company 23andMe found 15 genes associated with being a late or early riser. The “chronotype” was found after participants self-identified as either a morning person or night owl. Other interesting findings include far more women identifying as early risers (48.4 percent) compared to men (39.7 percent) and that “study participants who identified themselves as night owls are nearly twice more likely to have insomnia”. Learn more about genetic tendencies here, via Tech Times

Time to Weigh In

Would you make an effort to increase the amount of brown fat in order to improve your chances of weight loss? Would your efforts ever include the Chick-Fil-A “cleanse” or does that sound a little too crazy to work? Do the findings about the beard-bacteria make you feel better or worse about your bearded peers? Shoot us a comment below!