February 19: Weekly Health Roundup

Foods High in Cholesterol Don’t Raise Heart Risks

After years of being villainized by the diet community, foods high in cholesterol have no proven effect on heart risks. Researchers found “no association between cholesterol consumption and artery thickness”. So if you’re an egg lover (like us) this is excellent news, via NY Times

Report Finds More Sugar in Some Flavored Coffee Drinks Than In Soda

The average American eats more than three times the recommended daily amount of sugar, a large amount of which comes from the drinks we consume. If you’ve kicked your soda habit in favor of reducing your sugar consumption you might want to take a second look at your morning coffee, via CBS Philadelphia

Adderall Abuse Skyrockets Among Young Adults

A recent Johns Hopkins University study found that “Adderall is increasingly being used as a study aid and for other nonmedical uses”. Its widespread use is particularly concerning as it can lead to “sleep disruption, increased risk for depression, bipolar disorder, aggressive or hostile behavior, and high blood pressure and stroke”, via UPI

Should You Be Drinking Chewable Juice

The newest health trend might be “chewable juice” – a beverage somewhere between solid and liquid that experts are swearing by as a means to inject much needed vitamins into our diets. These drinks are filled with juiced fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds and taste “pleasantly sweet and refreshing”, via Fox Health News

How Your Brain Works Against Your Best Intentions

If you’ve ever struggled with your willpower, it may not be completely your fault. Your most formidable enemy may, in fact, be yourself. When the brain anticipates a reward or pleasure it releases the chemical dopamine. The flood of dopamine into your brain can literally talk you into having another bite of whatever you’re anticipating or looking forward to – making the will to abstain more difficult than ever, via CNN Health

Time to Weigh In

Have you steered clear of foods like eggs because of their high cholesterol content? Do the new findings make you more likely to indulge in a morning omelet? Are your coffee drinks drowning in sugar? What about the chewable juice trend? Would you partake to improve your health or does it sound a little too unappetizing? Let us know below.