Easy-to-Fix Habits That Hold You Back at Work

Habit-forming goes hand in hand with success. You might be a passionate and hard working person yet when it is time for promotion or a raise your name was off the list. Wondering why?! You might not have realized this, but some of your work habits can negatively impact your career. It is essential to create solid habits that align with your values for you to make a success in whatever area of your life you wish.

Mental Floss provides you with some easy-to-fix habits that can help get you back on track and to exactly where you want to go. 

1. Apologizing to Often

“I’m sorry” is the ultimate peacemaker. When something deserves an apology, it’s surprising the difference a single phrase can make. But it can also be the smooth transition when feeling awkward, trying not to come across as too aggressive, or in an uncomfortable situation. The fact is, apologizing too much can make you come across as insecure or slightly insubordinate.

Saying you’re sorry too much is often just a confidence issue, and confidence can be built up a little at a time. Try standing up a little straighter, looking people in the eye when you speak or shaking hands with certainty to start building yours.

2. You’re the Office Gossip

While it can be beneficial to keep your ear to the ground about office happenings, the last thing you want is to be perceived as untrustworthy. Gossip tends to quickly spiral into repeat bad behavior if you routinely talk with the wrong crowd. If you can see this starting to happen, shift the discussion to a more positive conversation or place.

3. You React Poorly to Change

Be careful not to create an emotional attachment to things. With companies facing constant change, ideas will come and go, as will business colleagues, employees, partners… but for your creativity to expand you have to find a way to allow these things to leave your universe as easy as they came into it. Lose the stubbornness and make way for the new!

4. Complaining with No Solution

The business world isn’t always an easy place to be, but whining about negative circumstances can make your situation worse. Look at the positives of every project and the things that are working well instead of what isn’t. It’s ok to ask trusted peers and mentors to provide insight on how to tackle tough projects on the job. But, try not to go to your boss or colleagues with a problem at all until you have tried solving it yourself or can present potential solutions.


Your success is important, but you have full control of making it what you wish. Of course, this isn’t to say you can’t occasionally vent or push back on something you care about. The key is to not let your frustration or passion sabotage your success. Smile more, love more and great things will unintentionally come your way.