December 11: Weekly Health Roundup

Chipotle Rocked By Contaminated Food Again

This hasn’t been a great year for Chipotle. Sales are down as the company has been rocked by multiple contaminations, sparking concerns over safety. Co-Chief Executive Officer Steve Ellis said in an interview on NBC, “This was a very unfortunate incident and I’m deeply sorry that this happened, but the procedures we’re putting in place today are so above industry norms that we are going to be the safest place to eat.” Let’s hope that’s true because we’re not ready to give up our burrito bowls with guacamole just yet, via Reuters

U.S. Life Expectancy Flat for Third Straight Year

For a third year in a row, life expectancy in the United States has stalled. While expectancy has inched up in the years since World War II, largely thanks to public health campaigns and better nutrition, there has been little to no progress as of late. While three years does not make a worrying trend, it is definitely something to keep an eye on, via Albuquerque Journal

Happiness Won’t Help You Live Longer

Researchers have found that while illness makes you unhappy, unhappiness itself does not make you ill. On the flip side, being happy will not help you live a longer, healthier life – though health does contribute to happiness. While researchers agree that future studies need work to determine the impact of different kinds of happiness, this is an interesting start, via The Washington Post

Gut Protein May Explain Why Some Can't Stomach Gluten

Gluten free seems to be a trend that is here to stay and it looks more and more like it’s for good reason. Those with gluten sensitivities (an estimated 6 percent of the global population) have been identified as carriers of a certain inflammatory gut protein called Zonulin. This protein is triggered by harmful bacteria and flushed out the gut to protect our body, but has been found to be triggered by gluten as well – hence the uncomfortable bloating and gut sensitivity, via NPR

Students Now Standing Up to Learn

After Juliet Starrett and her husband raised $150,000 for students at their daughter’s school to have standing desks, they saw such a rise in performance they started a non-profit to bring standing desks to schools across the nation. The sedentary lifestyle of both children and adults is extremely harmful to our health, as multiple studies have shown, and advocates want to nip this habit in the bud before habits become permanent, via CNN

Time to Weigh In

Does the food safety at Chipotle concern you or does the lure of the burrito override any potential bacteria concerns? Do you find those in your life living the longest to be happier? Do you have a gluten sensitivity? What sort of solutions have you found? Give us a shout in the comments section below!