Step Into 2018

Benefits of Participating in 2018’s Step Contest

It’s that time of year where we reflect on the heaps of carbs we consumed over the holidays and make resolutions for the New Year. While most of us find the New Year to be a fresh start to focus on our health, the resolution has to start somewhere. An easy, yet effective, way to kick off your New Year's health goal is to participate in our Step Challenge!

So, what exactly is the Step Challenge?

Here at Benovate, we are hosting a competition to see which member can get the most steps beginning January 15th. This challenge takes place through the Benovate Portal, and will run until January 31st, so get ready to get your step on!

Why should I join the Step Challenge?

The Step Challenge is much more than a friendly competition, it offers health benefits that you may not even realize. Walking and running carry many benefits, including weight management, improving mood, balance, and coordination, prevention/management of heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes, and it strengthens your bones and muscles! Walking outside has the power to clear your mind, and can even be a great stress reliever. The quicker and longer you walk, the greater the benefits!

Along with physical benefits of getting some extra steps in your routine, there are many benefits in a workplace challenge. Engaging in a physical activity challenge can give an extra spark to your job, and can make it a fun place full of productivity. You will be better focused with your extra energy, and can stay motivated throughout the day without the need for sugary drinks or snacks. You may compete with people you’ve never gotten the chance to speak with, and can build a community fueled by friendly competition. Along with community comes support. For example, you and a coworker may motivate each other to get some extra steps in, and even take a walk together.

How am I supposed to get steps in?

Whether you’re a running junkie or hate exercising, the Step Challenge can be completed by anyone in whatever stepping-form you choose. Enjoy nature? Go on a walk and count your steps! Climb stairs (rather than taking the elevator) in your office? Chalk ‘em up and count them in the challenge! Hate all forms of physical activity? Count your steps from your bed to your fridge, from your car to the front door. Any of these actions can get you 1st place in the challenge as long as you get the most steps in.

How am I supposed to count every step?

It would be nearly impossible to accurately count every step you take each day, so using a fitness tracker is an excellent way to keep track of your stepping progress. Many smartphones also have built-in pedometers that send activity data to certain apps. These trackers can accurately count your steps whether you’re taking one step each hour or are going for a long run. Fitness trackers also connect right to the Benovate platform, so tracking your efforts in the Step Challenge will be a breeze. Unsure if a fitness tracker is right for you? Check out our blog on the benefits of using this groundbreaking wearable technology here.

What do I need to do to prepare for the Step Challenge?

A good pair of shoes that are well-fitted and comfortable is one of the most important things you’ll need. Did you know that athletic shoes are only made to provide proper support for a maximum of around 500 miles? So those three-year-old shoes sitting in your closet that look great on the outside are probably lacking the support you need on the inside. Invest in some new shoes if you haven’t had a new pair in over a year and you wear yours regularly. Using old shoes can put you at risk for injuries like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures.

Along with the right gear, you should learn the right way to start and end your workout. If you’re preparing to go for a longer fitness walk, warming up and increasing blood flow within your muscles will make you more comfortable, while reducing your risk of injury. Try some ankle circles, leg swings, twists, marching, or small hops to get things moving. After a few of these movements, start out slow and gradually increase your speed. At the end of your workout, slow down your speed again and perform a few stretches to cool down and help reduce soreness or stiffness. Try calf, hamstring, and thigh stretches and hold each for up to 30 seconds.

Join the 'Step Into 2018' - Steps Contest

The members with the Top 3 Step Scores will win a $50, $40 and $30 e-gift card - All participants who take over 80,000 steps during the contest and do not place in the top three will be entered into the drawing for a chance to win a $30 e-gift card.

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