August 5: Weekly Health Round Up

Must-Know Tips for a Healthy Brain

The first revolutionary Move for Minds event drew in a crowd of leading brain experts from around the country. The Move for Minds foundation is a group that raises awareness and money to support research on women’s brain and Alzheimer’s disease. Fifteen leading experts came to the event to dissipate the myths about Alzheimer's. Making healthy lifestyle choices, and starting to do so when you’re young can have a positive impact on fighting the disease. Check out Architects of Change with highlights from our leading brain experts on what can be done to prevent, or slow, memory loss and the disease itself.

Hospitals with Hotel Vibes

Right outside Detroit, the Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital is improving their health outcomes by adding incentives such as uniformed valets, professional greeters and spa staff who give in-room massages.. Medical research shows that having these amenities can reduce stress and anxiety among patients. While patients are still looking to the quality of outcomes when choosing a hospital,taking the hospitality approach has been a big focal point in hopes to encourage word-of-mouth recommendations for those who have private insurance. NYTimes believes this kind of change can make a significant impact on both patients and hospitals.

Solid Health Benefits – Just Add 1,000 More Steps

Sometimes it may feel impossible to log in your 10,000 daily steps, especially if you have an office job or spend a majority of your day driving. Adding 1,000 more steps to your daily goal may seem overwhelming, but it only clocks out to be about half a mile. “That's nearly 180 miles of extra movement, and it will absolutely change the way you look and feel," says Harley Pasternak; ACSM-CPT, IDEA master trainer. Visit and see the perks of adding a little more movement to your daily routine!

Foods that Build a Stronger Immune System

Your immune system is an incredible machine that’s filled with bacteria willing to fight on your behalf - but only if you feed them properly. If you do end up getting sick, certain foods can help you recover quicker. Your immune system is your best line of defense against powerful antimicrobials like lysozyme, alpha-amylase and lactoferrin. Your “good gut bacteria”, called probiotics, need a lot of nutrient dense, fiber-rich whole foods, which is why a balanced whole-foods diet is your best bet when your immune system is fighting against viruses and infections. Start building a strong immune system today with some help from LiveStrong to fight off the bad guys.

Time to Weigh In

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