August 26: Weekly Health Round Up - It’s Olympic Time!

In The Road Trip to Rio, It All Begins with Health

As the world turns their attention to Rio de Janerio, the city steers down the path of great opportunities. New records, brilliant display of character and historical moments of sportsmanship are shared between teams, countries and people. As everyone is enjoying the games, not many know what is going on behind the scene to make sure these Games go smoothly. Over 1,000 organization projects were undertaken in Rio and it’s surrounding Olympic host cities as the Opening Ceremony approached. One in particular was an all-around investment in healthcare to keep both athletes and spectators healthy and ready to go. Visit The Pulse, see how Rio has stepped up their game by implementing 170 projects.

Olympic Athletes – Going the Distance

At the age of 98, Orville Rogers has done some incredible things in his life. From starting his early years back in high school as an undefeated pole vaulter, to joining the air force as apilot during World War II, to pushing past his bypass surgery. You would think that would stop a man, but since he started running in his 50s, Orville has broken 15 World Records. You could say the man has a positive outlook on life. Check out the rest of Orville Roger’s interview at CBSNews and get inspired. You’re never too old to start!

“Age is an Issue of Mind Over Matter. If You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter.” – Mark Twain

Super Bacteria Found in Rio

Not only do the athletes, fans and people of Rio de Janeiro have to worry about the Zika virus and polluted water, but now the dangerous drug-resistant bacteria as well, FoxNews reports. Scientists have reportedly found microbes lurking off the beaches and lagoons in Rio, which are holding swimming events for the Olympics and are known to be the ‘hot spot’ for tourists. "These bacteria should not be present in these waters. They should not be present in the sea," says Renata Picao, Professor at Rio’s federal university. Although the goal of cleaning up the city back in 2009 was an epic failure, the games go on, albeit many athletes deciding against taking the risk and forgoing their chance to partake in the Olympics.

Take Fitness to the Next Level

Don’t just give your normal, everyday workout routine a makeover - give it an Olympic styled makeover. Every 4 years the Olympic athletes remind us of the determination and dedication that it takes to achieve the one goal they all strive for – becoming the champion. Dr. Timothy Miller, a sports medicine specialist with the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center says, “average Joes and Janes can also benefit from the rudimentary training exercises that are building blocks for all those Gold-, Silver-, and Bronze-medal winners.” Miller mentions that if you can safely incorporate the basic exercises into your workout routine you can improve your general health, balance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Check out NewsMax for training techniques and tips. Do you have what it takes to become a champion?

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