August 21: Weekly Health Roundup

Health Effects of Coffee

One day coffee is great for you, the next it’s not. How are we to keep track and where do we stand now? This year, coffee is getting a solid thumbs up. Multiple studies have touted the benefits of drinking three to five cups of black coffee, including reducing risks of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease and more. So drink up! At least this year, via CNN

Mistakes When Praising Your Kids

Making sure your kids feel supported is great, but so many of us are going about it the wrong way. No matter how well intentioned, praising without substance or things they haven’t worked for can lead to some unfortunate side-effects. Check out some things to avoid and tips for encouraging the kiddos, via Huffington Post

Health Risks of Working Long Hours

Workaholics, pay attention! Research suggests that those working a 55-hour week are 33% more likely to suffer a stroke and a 13% increased risk of coronary heart disease. Not only are long-term health risks a concern but “sudden death from overwork…is believed to result from a repetitive triggering of the stress response”. Work-life balance has never been more important, so while you’re plugging away at your desk remember to put a limit on it and make some time for yourself, via NDTV

Teens Who Try E-Cigarettes More Likely to Smoke

The journal JAMA has found that US teens who “try electronic cigarettes may be more than twice as likely to move on to smoking conventional cigarettes” compared to people who haven’t. Teens are much more susceptible to a nicotine addiction and those who regularly partake in hookah or smoke cigars were also at a higher risk for nicotine addiction, via IBN Live

Killer Mosquitos Found in Paris

A strain of mosquitoes known to carry deadly diseases including “dengue fever and chikungunya” has been identified in Paris this past week. The mosquito was spotted by a visitor at the Parc Floral botanical garden, which was closed for an “anti-mosquito operation” that night. As of yet, there have been no cases of either disease, according the French health agency, via Reuters

Time to Weigh In

 Do the warnings or support of coffee affect your drinking habits? Have you found yourself making mistakes when trying to praise your kids (or any kids) for a job well done? Are you aware of the risks associated with working long hours? Would they be enough to help you choose to unplug? Let us know below!