Are You Successful? 6 Ways to Know For Sure.

Believe it or not, everyone goes through periods where they are overly critical of themselves. In fact, the people who are the MOST critical are oftentimes the most successful--they just don’t realize it. There’s a little thing called imposter syndrome which comes into play--it’s basically that feeling that you are a total fraud, and sooner or later everyone is going to find out and you’re going to get fired--but guess what? Usually people who suffer from imposter syndrome are just overly critical, and more successful than they give themselves credit.

There are some good things to come out of being your own worst critic. Like exceeding expectations and ensuring that your work stands out, for one. But the downside is that you don’t always notice your successes and celebrate accomplishments. Luckily, there’s a Lifehack for that.  If any of the signs below seem to describe you, then you *might* already be succeeding.

1.    You aren’t living paycheck to paycheck
An exorbitant amount of Americans look forward to the next paycheck to get by. If you’re not in that majority, congratulations! That’s one measure of success.

2.    You know where you want to be--and how you’re going to get there
Success is 90% planning. Even if you aren’t at the end of your road yet--and honestly, you’re probably going to extend your plan as you near original goals, right?--just having an idea of where you want to end up means you are successful. Ambition and desire to grow indicate an individual who can work for what they want without expecting it to be handed over.

3.    You respect others
Empathy (a derivative of respect) is formed and cultured by surviving your own stresses and difficulties in life. So is success. By offering respect to others, they reciprocate, and it increases your standing and bearing.

4.    You are confident but not arrogant
You know what the difference is between someone who is successful, and someone who WANTS others to believe they are successful? Watch how they conduct themselves. Successful people are confident, but not demeaning to others or haughty. The other types are just looking for ways to assert their (imaginary) superiority. Truly successful people know they’re not better than anyone else, they’ve just been able to capitalize on opportunities afforded to them.

5.    You have discipline and patience in spades
As the saying goes, patience is a virtue. And patience is nothing without discipline. Harnessing both virtues allows you to play the long game; to learn from mistakes, and know where to go next.

6.    You manage your time well
Lots of people love to talk about what they would do with a few more hours in the day, but fewer people actually make time to do those things (instead of watch TV and wish for more time to read/work/complete projects). A major indicator of success is being able to achieve the things you want in the time you have. And one factor in this is not wasting time on things that are counterproductive.

Looking at this list, success isn’t a tangible thing that can be handed to just anyone. It’s something that comes from within, as the sum of experiences rather than the product of one. How many successful qualities do you have?